Saturday, June 20, 2009

Possible upcoming avatar art contest

In my previous blog entry, Anonymous asked this:

Change of subject, is your boss still requesting artists for pin-up art or is now not a good time because of the economic situation? If you are in desperate need of a permanent artist hasn't the both of you placed an ad in your local newspaper, or online classifieds such as

Mainly what the boss is dealing with right now is recovering from a surgery, so it's been that that's been the financial drain on him more than the economy. However, he would like to gauge the interest of artists who read my blog; that is, he wants to see how many readers I really have.

So with that, coming possibly as soon as Tuesday, we will work on a contest for a new avatar for my blog and my Facebook account. We will also work on how much we want to offer in the way of payment for the winner. While we hash out the details for the contest, here is what you can be working on in the meantime for your rough sketches (I will be adding to this later):

1.) Since this will be avatar art, it can only be of me from the chest up. And since the title of my blog is *Busty* Superhero Chick, it would be nice to show some or all of my boobs in the art. Try to work in that smiley face if you can. :-)

2.) No full length art, because the art is going to be shrunk down and all the nice detail for a full length shot will be lost anyway.

3.) It will need to be in color

4.) The facial expression could show me smiling, but if you want to try having a more action oriented artwork, that's fine too. Maybe you can show me gritting my teeth while in battle or something.

5.) You can submit more than one entry, but with the understanding that if you win, you will still receive the one payment for the work that we do use, and not for the other submissions.

6.) You will agree that once we announce your work as the winner, then the art's content is ours forever. You keep the original art of course, and are free to post it on your websites/etc., but you will agree to provide a link to my blog with the explanation that you did the art. This provides you an opportunity for some self-promotion anyway.

7.) No topless art of me or otherwise depictions of bondage/erotic/S&M images will be accepted, so don't even try. This is supposed to be avatar art that will be shown to the public.

More rules will definitely be coming, so watch for Tuesday's regular post for further details. However, if you have questions now, then please post them as a comment to this blog entry so that I can answer them here or for Tuesday's post.

Thanks, and good luck!


Anonymous said...

I have a question. Funny story. I was in the middle of writing my post and then my desktop PC shut off.

After numerious days of this happening, I concluded that my Power Supply Unit needs replacing. My PC been with me for almost 6 years, so I knew it was going to die. I better post this quick before the machine shuts off again.

My question with regards to the Avatar contest is as follows: Are you only accepting digital art (such as the artwork done by Happajap) or traditional art (such as Freelancer's manga art piece)?

While troubleshooting my PC, I took the time to sketch out a piece based on the rules you have set.

I look forward to your feedback.

Anonymous said...

Another question I have is this: Will this comic book project lead to a hardcopy version or will it be exclusively online?

Busty Superhero Chick said...

1st question: I'm discussing that with the boss, and I'll let you know what he tells me.

2nd question: We would LOVE to have a hard copy version of my stories, but it will be online for the time being - once it comes out, of course!

Anonymous said...

OK Thanks. I look forward to what your boss says with regards to my first question. I have replaced my power supply unit, and so far "smooth sailings". I going to restart my system to determine if the motherboard has been damaged by electrostatic discharge. Wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

Good news. After the restart my PC didn't shut off during its reboot. And what's best - no sporadic power ups.

By the way, out of curiousity what brand and model of laptop are you using Andromeda? I'm Curious because in the future I may purchase one.