Friday, June 26, 2009

Avatar contest: The Rules

Okay, dudes and dudettes; here is what me and the boss have thought up so far in regards to the avatar contest.

** The contest begins July 1st (mainly to allow for additional questions) and ends on July 31st; mainly to allow time for word-of-mouth to spread about this contest. The winner will be announced in the first week of August.

** Digital art is much, much preferred. If you do a hand-drawn artwork, then you'll need to find a way to make a digital version of it to send to me.

** Since this will be avatar art, it can only be of me from the chest up. And since the title of my blog is *Busty* Superhero Chick, it would be nice to show some or all of my boobs in the art. Try also to work in that smiley face if you can. :-)

** No full length art, because the art is going to be shrunk down and all the nice detail for a full length shot will be lost anyway.

** It will be best if you make the art in such a way that it is "croppable"; that is, there is sufficient room around the main artwork that we could crop it without losing part of the main artwork. Basically, just make sure your background has a pretty good extension around the main artwork to allow for such cropping. (The boss is working on a sketch to better illustrate what we mean).

** It will need to be in color. You are free to submit black and white art, but it would have to be pretty dadgum good in order for us to look past our preference for color art and make it the winner.

** The facial expression could show me smiling, but if you want to try having a more action oriented artwork, that's fine too. Maybe you can show me gritting my teeth while in battle or something.

** You can submit more than one entry, but with the understanding that if you win, you will still receive the one payment for the work that we do use, and not for the other submissions.

** You will agree that once we announce your work as the winner, then the art's content is ours forever. You keep the original art of course, and are free to post it on your websites/etc., but you will agree to provide a link to my blog with the explanation that you did the art. This provides you an opportunity for some self-promotion anyway.

** No topless art of me or otherwise depictions of bondage/erotic/S&M images will be accepted, so don't even try. This is supposed to be avatar art that will be shown to the public. The determination as to what is offensive and what is not is totally and entirely up to us. Period.

** Along with the honor of being the creator of my new avatar art, the winner will also get the $100 prize. Please note that we will pay by PayPal, so if you don't have that, either get on it or work through someone you know (and trust!) who has PayPal. Also please note that if you work through someone else, then you are responsible for obtaining your prize money from them once we have sent it to him or her - we will not pay the prize money a second time.

Okay, this should be enough info for the time being, but feel free to ask other questions if you need. This list of rules might (and probably will) be added to later on, and you agree to abide to the new rules should they come up if you wish to keep participating in this contest.

To submit your work to us, e-mail me @ and put in the subject line: Avatar Contest

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the official rules for the contest. May I make a suggestion? I suggest that you and your boss form a company (e.g. Mighty Andromeda Productions).

Artists and other freelancers that will work along side you in the months & years to come will want to write on their résumés that they worked for you.

I believe that there is some federal outlet in the state of Texas where you can register a company name. You may need to network to get help on this.

Anonymous said...

I also have something else to add to my preivous comment. The individuals that didn't win, will you be presenting their artwork along side the winner? For example: first place, second place, third, and so on.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Me and the boss had previously discussed the idea of him setting up officially as a business. It's just that right now we are a two-person operation, and our budget needs a stimulus package from the federal government just to qualify as "shoestring", so we weren't sure if it was worth the effort to officially get ourselves categorized as a business. However, you make a good point about officially being a business helping artists with their résumés - which would provide an incentive for them to consider working for us. I'll see the boss on the 4th, so I'll bring it up with him again the next time I see him.

As for posting the works of the contestants, we will do that after the July 31st deadline has passed, and before we announce the winner. We decided against posting the entries as they came, because we didn't want anyone to get discouraged from trying if we happened to post an excellent piece of work. We are also considering whether we want to offer any critiques of the works, and if so, whether we should do so publicly or privately.

Let's go ahead and ask you guys that: Should we offer critiques of the works, and if so, should we do so publicly or privately? What do you think?

Witty Indie said...

To be honest with you Andromeda, I believe it would be better to critique the artworks privately. Also private critiques of induvidual works is considered more professional.

Imagine a person who took part in your contest. He/she worked when they had time on their art piece. That person would put their heart and soul into that artwork.

Imagine what would happen if you and boss hated that person's submission? Also add on top other comments from people who hated the work as well.

This negatively would destory that person (feeling that is). Before you say it, I know that negative comments can also work towards artists interests. By offering areas where that artist could improve on would in the end make that person a stronger artist.

You have to understand that all artists have different styles, and not everyone will love them.