Thursday, June 18, 2009

WoW update: Fun Hunter stuff

I had planned on discussing something else, but... it's not ready yet. :-P

So with that, today will be a WoW update, since I've been a good little girl and not discuss it so much lately. :-D

I first want to relate probably the coolest thing to happen to my level 80 hunter since she started going to Wintergrasp (WG). On our server, it's said that the Alliance - or allys for short - outnumber the Horde by 3 to 1. Most of the time you see this most starkly in the WG battleground. In the mornings and afternoons when many of the ally kiddies (most of the allys are middle school to high school students), we - the Horde - often win WG. But in the afternoons and early evenings, the allys win, since they're out of school.

On this particular day, though - this past Monday in fact, it looks like the ally kiddies are out of school for the summer and have not yet gone to summer camp - so there were TONS of allys in WG! So many in fact that they overtook all the workshops where we get our tanks so that we were not able to make a one. It was a huge rout, in other words. Totally, completely owned. Worst WG loss I have ever been in.

Except for one shining moment!

During this fiasco, I was being tag-teamed by a draeni paladin and a night elf hunter. They got my health way down low, so I did something that shouldn't work in WG: I feigned death (FD). Now for those of you who are not familiar with WoW hunter's FD, what you basically do is play possum; that is, you pretend you're dead. Normally FD is for monsters or other hunter's pets so that they will "buy" the fake and stop attacking you. But any player who has had any experience dealing with hunters *should not* be faked by FD. It's easy to know when the hunter is FDing. If the hunter is truly dead, then his or her pet disappears with him or her. But if the hunter is FDing, then the pet is still around and attacking. It's easy as that.

However, for this palandin and hunter, they totally bought my FD, because they stopped attacking me. Meanwhile my sabretooth cat is clawing the paladin's health way down. I rose up and began shooting the hunter so that I could bring his health way down. They both resumed tag teaming me again. Now my health is dangerously low, so I ran a short distance and...

FDed again! And...

... they bought it again, because they stopped attacking again! LOL

I then rose up, shot the paladin dead whom my kitty had gotten his health down to nearly zero, then I turned and shot the hunter dead. Ha! It was awesome! I then went to take their insignias as trophies of my unexpected win.

Hunters hate paladins because they can heal themselves so rapidly, so whenever I can beat a paladin it's an accomplishment. Hunters also hate rogues because they are so darned sneaky. Rogues are also able to slink away if they don't kill me right away, because if I start shooting them, they'll die quickly due to their lower quality armor. However, one time a rogue was sneaking into the WG fort after a Horde win so that he could take out individual Hordies as they isolated themselves from others.

However, my humanoid tracker spotted him, so I used my hunter's mark to point him out for everyone to see. A hunter's mark is a huge, bobbing arrow that points out a hunter's target. It looks like this:

See? It's huge, so it can be seen from a distance. Not only that, once a hunter marks you with it, you can't pull a slink-away and hide out of sight. In this particular instance, once I marked the rogue, nearby Hordies swarmed him and took him out faster than it takes to read this sentence. Sigh... there are times I love being a hunter. :-D

One last thing: Something I've discovered since hitting the big 8-0 is the sometimes snotty attitude that other 80s will have when it comes to putting together raiding groups. They will put any volunteers through "gear check" just to make sure they're up to snuff, and I've known others to be kicked out of guilds just because they weren't geared enough.

Well, hell! How are these people going to get geared unless they are taken to the dungeons where the better gear is located? It's exactly like when you go looking for a job and they want you to have previous experience. Well, you need the job to get the experience! I am not shy about letting gear snobs know what I think of them, and as a result I am not popular with some people. Fortunately, my guild is not the kind that will pull the gear snobbery, and we invite low-geared 80s to join our guild. We've gotten some pretty decent players as a result.

Lots of life lessons to be learned from this game! Is it no wonder I enjoy playing it?

See you next week!

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