Monday, December 27, 2010

The Death Panels are back!

It looks like Sarah Palin was right! The Dems have done a Yuletide sneak attack and slipped in the controversial death panel requirement for those who are near the "end of life! "

Oh, of course they call it "voluntary" but friends, trust me it will not be. It will be exactly as Sarah Palin predicted of "death panels" making decisions on whose Grandma and Grandpa gets cut off from needed lifecare based solely on utilitarian justifications. Yes, yes, the liberals will go on and on about how "great care and sensitivity" will be taken and this will be "totally voluntary", but, as I've said before (feel free to mouth the words to yourself. Hehe!) "I was raised by Marxists, so I know their thinking"!

Have I said this before? (shrugs shoulders)

Anyway, their alleged sensitivity and their alleged claims of "voluntary" are a load of bullshit, and it's also a cowardly way of going about putting this "end of life" stuff in despite the issues raised previously. See, these people think they are right and that the rest of us unwashed ignorant slobs will just have to accept it. None of this, including this chickenshit coward way of putting it back in is no surprise whatsoever to me; including the timing, by the way.

All the more reason to vote these people out in 2012, 2014, 2016, and however long it takes to get them all out of positions of power so that they will stop infecting our society with their brand of "humanitarianism" that is often the opposite of humanitarianism.

Don't forget this, folks! More is sure to come! Let these liberal lemmings take that plunge over that cliff!

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