Tuesday, April 17, 2012

OHAI! I'm bak!

Hi, everyone!  I'm baaaaaaack!

And man, were there news events going on that I so wanted to cover on my blog while I was away!  Don't fret, for I will get to those news topics soon, because they were just too juicy for me to pass up talking about.

To hit the ground running, let's go ahead and post the latest artwork by the talented hands of Rick Celis, who has brought you some wonderful artworks of me, Megan, and now Lucky Shot on her ride!  Whoohoo!  Also note that this artwork is now gracing my blog's banner.  Awesomeness!

I have to say that I'm starting to develop a real appreciation for Rick's style.  While some may say that it's cartoony, I think it's more than that.  His use of bold lines and bold colors brings an expressiveness and fluidity that is very entertaining to look over and think about.

Your basic, generic cartoon doesn't make you sit and ponder, but Rick's art does that, and that's why I call it "art" instead of a "cartoon".  Calling it a "cartoon" doesn't do it justice - it's ART, baby!  Be sure to look at his deviantArt site and look at other examples of his work, and I think you'll see what I'm talking about.

By the way, Lucky loves that bike.  She loves it so much that it's...

... well, it's a very distant second to the love for her son, but still, she loves that bike!  In case you're curious, the bike is a Honda Shadow Phantom.  Just so you know, Lucky's ride is highly customized by our resident engineer Megan to have all kinds of cool stuff to help her carry out her various duties for the DSS.  I've never ridden Lucky's bike, because she won't let me touch it (and besides, I can fly), but it looks pretty awesome!

Anyway, I'm back, and I'm badder than ever - at least from the perspective of liberals!  They are no safer from my wicked wit than they were before, so shake and tremble, liberals, because the right wing source of your migraine headaches is back!


More to come soon, my friends!  Oh, and last, thanks for the birthday wishes on FB!  That was great! 

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