Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Yes, my friends, I present to you a cookie!

This particular artwork is special because it was made by the boss!  It's been awhile since I've seen artwork from him, and he admits that he was rusty!  But when a professional colorist offered to do the coloring for it, he just had to drag out his old pencils and pens and try making his first artwork of me in quite awhile!

It looks good, despite the rust!  Okay boss, now that you've got one down, I hope that this means that more is coming!

What really makes this art is the awesome coloring!  The coloring is brought to you by Wilson Ramos Jr.  I LOVE IT!  Thanks so much for saving the boss' artwork, Wilson!  Check out his site and see what else he's done! I love love love working with comic artists and just the whole comic nerdery genre in general!  

So why the cookie artwork?  I'm going to use this artwork once in awhile whenever someone has done an excellent job at something.  Their reward will be a cookie!  Who doesn't love a good cookie?  Whoohoo!

Oh, and about that x-ray pic last week of a hand to show its bones...

It's so that you can print it out and show it to your doctor.  Why?  In case you ask for milk to go with the cookie, in which I'll have to break your hand with my super strength grip.  And then you can show the doctor that x-ray so that he can point out where your hand's bones were broken.  I thought I'd provide you that little service.  In other words, get your own damn milk from the supermarket!  Or better yet, go ask ya mama!

By the way, I normally wear gloves with my costume, but for this artwork, I had to take them off so that I would be touching the cookie with clean hands.  My gloves have dust, dirt, and the occasional blood from the bad guys that I punch in the face.  Yeah, that happens once in awhile.  >:-)

Oh, and so that I don't forget to let you all know, note your calendars for May 5th, which is Free Comic Book Day!  Visit your local comic shop and along with your free comics, buy some comics as well.  They need to stay in business, after all!

Anyway, thanks again, boss and Wilson, on a great piece of artwork!  It will, of course, be going to my FB album.  :-)

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