Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm a troll - for truth!

Here's the situation: On FB, one of my FB friends posted this article.

In response, I posted this article.

In short, I had to respond to the article, because according to American history, it was the Democratic Party that had defended and fought for slavery during the Civil War, and it was the Democratic Party that fought against civil rights for another 100 years. 

Of course, my FB friend (and her friends) responded by saying that those same Democrats are now Republicans.  After that, the conversation devolved into regional discrimination and elitism, and it went downhill from there.  During that devolving conversation, I got called a troll. 

A troll?  Moi?

For those of you who might not know, a troll in this Internet age is someone who causes problems for the sake of causing problems.  That is, they're not out for debate and discussion, but simply to be a pain in the ass. 

Technically, I wasn't trolling; I was simply pointing out historical facts.  Everything I said is exactly as I said it was: the Dems were the racist haters for all that time, and not the GOP. 

Let me also add here that while the Dems fought for the institution of slavery, the current crop of Southern Republicans - the "former Democrats" - are not like the Dems that had dominated the party for those years leading up to the 1960s.  I challenge anyone to find a prominent member of the current GOP who wants to bring back slavery.  I don't mean some backwater extremist nutjob, I mean someone in leadership who is on the record in saying that he or she wants to bring back slavery.  Find me ONE.  

While the current GOP certainly has its 99 problems (give or take a few), wanting to bring back slavery is not one of them, and if the GOP is ever stupid enough to adopt slavery in its platform, I will be the first in line to protest that stupidity. 

So with that, if a person telling the truth is now going to be called a troll, then so be it - I'll be a troll for truth!  And as I said on FB, I will stand with my Horde brothers and sisters and carry that banner of truth -


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