Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Epic Rap Battles of History: I'm a fan!

This is an example of how I wish I had listened to my GFs sooner about something that they knew that I would love.  In this instance, it's Epic Rap Battles of History!  One of my GFs has been pestering me for months to watch them, and finally I did.

Okay, they're probably NSFW, but they are freakin' hilarious!  I watched them all!  It's hard to pick my favorite, but if I had to, it would be Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga.

Here are some other epic rap battles that I hope they consider.  Feel free to suggest others!

Where's Waldo vs. Carmen Sandiego
Marie Antoinette vs. Queen Victoria
Smurfette vs Tinkerbell
Winston Churchill vs. Julius Caesar
Amy Winehouse vs Britney Spears

More to come for sure!  :-D

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