Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Who Would Win?" Marvel Comics' Galactus vs DC Comics' Anti-Monitor!

And now we come to the most galactic, most universal, most cosmically expansive battle yet! Today's “Who Would Win?” is Marvel Comics’ Galactus vs. DC Comics’ Anti-Monitor!

The thing about these guys is that not only would they fight in such a way that we can actually see with our eyes, they also would be fighting on other levels beyond human senses to detect or to even comprehend. Here we are talking about stuff like fighting telepathically, telekinetically, utilizing the various energies that are available in the cosmos, and so on. With such powers and abilities, they could literally fight for eons without end. However, we are interested in who would win in the end, however long it takes!

So here’s my take: I think, ultimately, the Anti-Monitor wins in virtually any scenario that I can think of. Galactus, for all his power, is too dependent on the energies of planets to fuel his abilities. Marvels’ own heroes have succeeded at times in defeating Galactus by starving him, and if they can do that, then the Anti-Monitor can do the same on a much larger scale. Or the Anti-Monitor just has to make sure that there are no nearby available planets for Galactus to feed on. There are, however, two possibilities in which Galactus might win.

One is if he is near an abundance of planets to consume. If he consumes enough of them, then it might be enough temporarily to overpower the Anti-Monitor. Another is if Galactus consumes the Anti-Monitor’s own home planet of Qward. While the Anti-Monitor may not be as energy-dependent as Galactus is, just the act of his home planet being consumed might prove disruptive enough for Galactus to take advantage of to defeat him.

My guess also is that once one defeats the other, the victor will consume the energies of his opponent so as to prevent him from attacking again. Such are the ways of super-duper ginormous high-faluting godlike beings as those two. Dang! After all this mind-expanding thoughts, my brain hurts! Time for a strawberry shortcake!

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