Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bristol breaks it off with Levi! Ha! I was right!

Bristol Palin has broken it off with Levi Johnston, because of what I had said previously! Basically, he was out to use the family to get an additional 15 minutes of fame! See? Didn't I tell you all how suspicious I was?

The article stated that he said that he might have gotten another girl pregnant. He was trying to pull the "weepy hunk face", and Bristol almost fell for it, and she would have fallen for it had the horny little creep not 'fessed up! Leopards can't change their spots, and neither can cheating, bed-hopping jerks! Just ask Hillary Clinton! (Ouch! Cheap shot! LOL)

Aw man, it feels so good being right! Damn, I feel like celebrating! I'm going to the local ice cream shop and treat myself to my favorite dessert, strawberry shortcake!


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