Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Proof that Levi Johnston is officially the mainstream media's cabana boy

If you doubted me before, then now you should be able to see for yourself that former lover of Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, is offically the mainstream media's cabana boy. He made his 6th appearance in two years on CBS's Early Morning Show. It's an incestuous relationship, because it enables the mainstream media's pathological hatred of Sarah Palin and Johnston's pathological attention whoring at the same time. One could almost call it a match made in heaven, except there is nothing divine about this relationship. If anything, it's downright embarrassing, especially since the mainstream media often reveals its liberal bias when it comes to Palin and thus betraying their alleged "unbiased" professionalism.

I would tell them to break it off, but he actually serves as a barometer of where the media currently stands in regards to their attitudes towards Palin. So long as they view Johnston as the proverbial "useful idiot", it will continue to demonstrate to the rest of us that the mainstream media still harbors a liberal bias. It's also kind of like watching a train wreck in slow motion as the media slowly but surely continues to undermine their credibility and relevance as a professional journalistic outlet, thus forcing us to seek alternate news sources. People didn't start going to Fox News because it was better than the news provided by the mainstream media; it's because the mainstream media stopped delivering news and started becoming the propaganda outlets for their liberal ideologies.

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