Friday, September 3, 2010

Upcoming changes to my blog?

This is from my Facebook page, but since some of you might read my only from my blog, I decided to put this here as well:

(Beginning of Facebook post):

Sorry I've been largely absent from my blog this week. I've just been wondering if I should make some changes. I will still do comics and such, but I was wondering if I should do more of other stuff as well, like more of my Q&A, and more political discussions. Most of you know I'm a conservative anyway, and yet I still have readers. This note continues below.

(Continuation of Facebook post):

Yesterday's story of the hostage situation at the Discovery Channel HQ and the gunman's psychotic screed of a demands note made me wonder if I should hit political issues more. There are many times on my blog that I wanted to hit on topics but held back because my blog is largely for comics. Again, I'm not trying to get away from discussions on comics, I'm just trying to expand my list of topics that I discuss. I hope by now that you can see that I'm not a stupid person, and that I am a conservative by choice. Hell, anyone raised by Marxist parents would have to have become a conservative by choice! Anyway, with an upcoming midterm election, I would like to hit more on my take on issues, especially since the conservative angle is often garbled and misrepresented by the allegedly unbiased media. I am also trusting that my liberal fans will be true to their often-stated claims of being "enlightened and open minded" and try to have discussions on the issues as I bring them up. So guys, what do you think?

I know it's said that there are two things that you don't discuss: religion and politics. And yet, we can't escape it - whether it's a scientist saying that God did not make the universe or a presidential candidate offering a familiar Communist value of "spreading the wealth" (Obama during his first talk with "Joe the Plumber"). And besides, those for whom are so set in their ways that they can't tolerate hearing different opinions are the most in need of hearing different opinions. The quick, easy, and ultimately lazy way of trying to have a "national dialogue" is to not "dialogue, so I hope to be a small part of starting that dialogue.

I had considered starting a second blog, but if I am inconsistent in my postings with one blog, then why would spreading myself across two of them make my postings any more consistent? And besides, I checked with the boss, and he's okay with testing the blog into this new direction.

Again, I'm not going to stop posting about comics - that will still be the main focus of this blog - all I am trying to do is give myself more topics to talk about, and thus hopefully make my postings more consistent. Feel free to comment on what you think of all this. Have a great weekend!

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