Thursday, September 16, 2010

The lady's name is Lucky Shot

(Art by Chris Butler)

Real name: Michaela Saez
Code name: Lucky Shot

Age: 27
Height: 5 foot 4
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair color: Dark brown, reaches to center of back, but usually pulled or tied back.
Eye color (unpowered): brown (powered): almost totally white
Family: Father, mother, both living, names unknown, divorced. No known sibling. One son, Joachim, age 3. Other, unidentified extended family.
Marital status: single, never married.
Educational level: 2nd year in college; goal is to obtain a law degree to specialize in the defense of superhumans.
Political ideology: liberal
Ethnicity: Hispanic

Strength level: Michaela has at least double the standard level of strength and stamina of a similarly-sized normal human woman who engages in regular intensive exercise and weight training. Part of Michaela’s elevated strength is explained by her healing power, which is about double the normal human healing rate, and that she weight trains so extensively.

Combat skills unrelated to her power: Michaela is specialized in several martial arts, both hand-to-hand and in many martial arts weaponry. Her weapons of choice are usually her two 2-foot batons with weighted tips, as well as various sized throwing stars. However, she is also equally skilled in many other weapons. Due to her increased strength, she moves faster and jumps higher than most opponents are used to seeing a woman her size running and jumping. Michaela’s martial arts skills alone are often enough to take down most opponents, but in addition to utilizing her powers, she becomes virtually unbeatable.

Superhuman powers: Michaela’s powers are still being studied, but what is known so far is enough to impress even the superhuman scientists who have seen many types of superhuman powers. She has ocular bioluminescence (OBL) when her power is activated, which means that her eyes glow. The brightness is enough to be visible even in daylight, but not enough to allow her to see in the dark. The function of the OBL is to allow her to visually see pathways and trajectories of both whatever targets she is aiming for, and for whatever happens to be coming to her, thus it functions as a sort of radar.

Michaela also has the most sophisticated sense of touch ever known in any superhuman. For example, by touching an exterior wall of a house or building, she can obtain the layout of the structure just by the vibrations that she feels, along with sensing people and larger pets. This ability is limited of course, but it’s extensive enough to allow her to “scan” a two story house and its contents. With concentration, she can extend her “scan” to a building the size of a standard drug store; in such instances however, whatever she gains in expanding her “scan”, she loses considerably in the detail of what her normal “scan” would pick up.

This scanning ability along with her OBL allows her to visually see an image in her mind of what her sense of touch is picking up, so she can get a pretty detailed image in her mind of the contents and people of the building she is scanning. In the case of larger, multi-story buildings, she limits her scans to one floor. On missions for the DSS, she is often sent in first to scope out the location, and decisions on courses of actions are based upon what she discovers.

Her heightened sense of touch and her OBL combined also help her in another way that is critical to taking down even the strongest of opponents. When she lays her hands on her opponent, she is able to “scan” their body. Her “scans” then gives her detailed information of the person she’s fighting; especially in the way of locating weaknesses in their body. Since scanning even the largest of bodies is still much less effort than scanning a building, this process takes less than 3 seconds, and she’ll have more than enough information on them to take them down in the quickest way possible. Once she’s scanned a body, she never forgets that body’s “signature”, even if that person is disguised at a later time.

The drawbacks to Michaela’s power is that, once she turns off her OBL, she needs about an hour for her eyes to lose their hypersensitivity to light; thus without her very dark shades, she’s virtually blind. The reason that this happens is because while her power is activated, her pupils dialate, and when she turns off her power, her pupils need time to return to their normal state. She carries one pair of shades all the time, and also a back-up pair of athlete’s goggles that are tinted to shade her eyes.

Michaela's powers are vulnerable to any illnesses she may get. Fevers can cause her to see false images. Fortunately, with her healing abilities, she is rarely sick, and even when sick, she recovers fairly quickly, but in the times she is ill and her power is affected, she can be very difficult to deal with because she sees images and perceives threats that aren't there. Her OBL works much less effectively in low light or total darkness. Her eye's glow is not sufficient enough to compensate for low light environments, so in such times she will rely on her sense of touch, which is less effective in tracking her targets than her OBL is in visible light.

And last, Michaela hates flying, not because she has a fear of flying, but because her radar powers go insane once she’s in the air. Since flying is not natural to her, her power activates once she’s more than a few feet off the ground, and her mind is bombarded with information and images of how she can be seriously injured or die from a fall. Thus, she’ll nearly always refuse Andromeda’s offers to fly her to battle, opting instead to ride her bike.

Michaela in battle: Michaela is very skilled in battle tactics and strategies, so much so that she is often directing others during the course of the battle. Her familiarity with her teammates and their skills and personalities is such that she will direct them to where they will do the most good. Sometimes she will get a little reckless, but it's almost always her that is doing the risk-taking. If she directs anyone else into a potentially risky situation, she'll let them know in advance. She will not tolerate stupid risks in the course of battle, especially if the risk taker goes off of her battle plan, and if that person survives the battle, they will have a serious tongue lashing waiting for him or her afterwards. Superhuman scientists theorize that Michaela's skill in battle tactics is partially related to her power, but they have not yet determined in what way.

Next week (or after that) will come a brief bio of Michaela.


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