Monday, August 16, 2010

ART WEEK! First up, my vacation post card!

So how many of you caught this when it posted last week? :-D

I made that a pre-scheduled post before I went on my weeklong Internet hiatus so that it would be like you guys were getting a postcard from me while I was away!

This wonderful piece of art is by none other than Marietta Delene Williams, who also brought you this other wonderful artwork.

This artwork, by the way, represents the most skin that I've ever shown anywhere. When you think about it, my regular costume really doesn't show a lot of skin. What skin I do show, of course, is strategically planned. :-)

Anyway, so now you see where I was last week. It was beautiful, relaxing, and most importantly, no oil on the beach! LOL

I love this artwork. I feel like I'm really back there on the beach. Man, Marietta did such an awesome job. It's funny, but you know what I think makes this pic work so well? It's the attention given to the scenery. The waves washing up on the beach, the windblown palm leaves, the cloudless blue, blue sky... I can almost hear the seagulls cawing overhead! See folks, that's an artist for you! She knew that to make this scene work, it wouldn't be just about the hot chick in a bikini, but also the surrounding environment. There's gotta be a way to make a poster out of this to hang on my wall, I love it so much!

All this, and there's still more art to come this week, but what a way to start, eh?

Thanks so much, Marietta! You rock, GF!

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