Friday, September 30, 2011

Coming Monday: There be ZOMBIES!!!

Yes, folks - coming Monday will be a month-long

Zommmbieeee  Apocalypse!

And you get to join in on the fun, too!

I encourage all of you to have yourselves made out into zombies and post these pics of yourselves on your FB page, and to use them as your profile pic!  Each time one of you does that, I'll post it here on my blog and as an album on my FB page.  What about me?  Glad you asked!  :-D

On Monday, to kick off BSC Zombie Apocalypse Month, I will be posting an artwork of myself - as a zombie!  YES!  I will be Zombie Andromeda!  It will be done by the wonderfully talented Rocio Zombie - er, I mean Rocio Zucchi, who brought you the most recent excellent artworks of me and Lucky Shot.  I just got the zombie artwork of me, and friends, I promise you -

You. WILL. Love. It!  It is the epitome of awesomely excellence!

So starting on Monday through the month of October, and inspired by the Rocio monster masterpiece, I ask you all to make zombie artwork of yourself, or you can call up an artist friend of yours, and  - Go Zombie! 

My preference would be that you have a full-body artwork done of yourself as a zombie, because....

...on Halloween....

.... the boss is going to make a panoramic artwork....

... of all of us as zombies!

So that means that I'll have my own Zombie Apocalypse!  I'll be posting the finished work here on my blog, and on FB.  :-D

I really hope you guys join in on the fun, because it would be so cool!

Oh man, I can't wait 'til Monday!  I gotta at least give you a sneak preview of Zombie Me!  Here it is!

I vant jur brainzz.....

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