Sunday, October 5, 2008

Comics talk - Sunday edition

Hey, gang!

Welcome to a rare weekend appearance! Today I’m going to discuss DC Comics’ DC Universe Decisions (DCUD), in which the various DC superheroes reveal their political leanings, followed by my own revealing of another one of my political views. Enjoy! But first…

If you have not read DC Universe Decisions and don’t want the story spoiled for you, STOP READING NOW! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

This past Wednesday, the second issue of DCUD, here’s how the candidates are lining up so far, followed by the superheroes that support them:

· Katherine (Kate) McClellan: Republican moderate


Plastic Man

· Robert (Bob) Ridgeway: far right conservative

Guy Gardner – aka Green Lantern

Power Girl

Wildcat (Ted Grant)


· Martin Suarez: Democratic moderate

Beast Boy


Bruce Wayne (not as Batman)

· Davis Brewster: far left liberal

Green Arrow

Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)

(unidentified hero)

So far, that’s all the heroes that’s identified their political leanings. Also, I am LOVING this series! It’s taking the characters in waters that are not normally explored! If you are near a comic shop, I definitely recommend getting it!

Okay, time for me to reveal another one of my political or social views. Today I shall discuss the death penalty. Before I got my powers, I was uncertain how I felt, but now that I’m super-powered, I can see the need for it – at least for those who are super-powered. Some super villains are like 8 year old children who have been suddenly given the power to control people. In other words, they have no self control – they’ll always do the wrong thing. Yes, we can incarcerate them, but they always break out, and some innocent civilian always ends up getting used, harmed, or killed by them – all because we didn’t have the will to end their evil ways permanently.

Understand that in my universe, there are other super folks who totally disagree with me. And as Americans, that’s their right. However, I invite them to join me the next time I see the results of what super villains do to people. Look into the eyes of someone whose mind has been permanently scrambled by a telepath, or whose body has been torn into pieces by a super strength villain. As often as I’ve seen the damage they do, it still can make me sick to my stomach.

They’re the reason that I fight the good fight, even though at times I’m out of my league with some super villains. But if I don’t do something, the people that are being victimized by a super villain have no chance whatsoever. At least with me to take on the damage, they’ll have a chance to escape. Some villains I’m tired of bringing in time and time again only for them to escape and do even more harm. I’m for stopping them permanently. It’s an issue that’s still being debated in the governmental department that I work in, but they know how I feel. That’s my take on the death penalty – at least as how it applies to super villains. For regular humans, it depends on the case. At least there, I’m still open to discussion.

Okay, that's my take. Feel free to let me know what you think.


Freelancer said...

OK. This is my first post on “Comics Talk”. It’s very kind of you giving a heads up on the spoilers, but I know for a fact, that I'll never be purchasing this DC comic series. It’s not because I hate it; it’s simply because I don't have the time (real life stuff).

I have read your opinion and here is my take on it. Taking a life is wrong! Now if the super villain was a child and used his or her powers to control people that lead to the harm or death of innocent individuals, then I believe that they should be rehabilitated. Yes, I agree a lot of the younger super powered villains have no self control, but they can't help it. They were conditioned this way!! Young super villains have become this way by experimentation and/or bad upbringing.

Now, if that super villain was aware of what he or she was doing, then that changes everything. It is also different if they are an adult (18 and over). Now we can swap back and forth on the different ways that super villains can wound or kill normal humans - but when you take a life, they have crossed the line.

Super powered and super strength human beings are of a different clan. They are a clan who has been given powers beyond normal men (as in men I am referring to the human race - male & female; people get really PC when that term is used). With that power they have a responsibility to use it correctly, if not there will be consequences. Those consequences are normally to the environment and to society at large. If super villains are dangerous enough to cause harm to the human race or powerful to destroy the planet, then I am in agreement with you. That agreement is they should be stopped for good.

In conclusion, I disagree on the part if the super villain was a child doing terrible acts, but agree with you if that villain was AWARE what they were doing when conducting their acts.

The death penalty is a very tricky subject. My opinion is that the policy should be applied in certain situations. This is should not apply to mainly normal humans. As you stated in earlier posts, not all super powered/enhanced humans have the same power levels.

I also find politics divide people. This does not apply in America, but around the world.

Also as a super enhanced being you have a responsibility to work in confines of the law. If conditions allow, then yourself and others working for the good of the nation should do what is needed to protect people from the evils that will threaten society.

The law shouldn’t be taken in your own hands. Remember 1995? Remember Judge Dredd? Court adjourned!? You are not him. You are not a judge, jury and executioner.

That's my take on this.

Busty Superhero Chick said...


First, let me give a quick clarification just so that you don't think that I'm some sort of horrible person who advocates the killing of 8 year-olds. My statement said "Some super villains are like 8 year-old children who have suddenly been given the power to control people". What that SHOULD have said is, "Some adult super villains have all the self control of an 8 year-old when they get their super powers. Imagine what an 8 year-old suddenly given the power to control people would do, and you pretty much get the idea of what some adult super villains are like".

I should have been more clear when I wrote that, and that's my bad. Again, I am not an advocate of killing children - I'm pro-life, after all! Whew! I hope this clears things up!

By the way, in my "universe", we haven't had any super powered kids yet. Not saying that there hasn't been any, but we haven't seen any yet. It's theorized by some super human science scientists that the reason we haven't see super kids is because they don't develop their powers until after adolescence.

So far, that's been the case with all the known supers in my "universe" - including me. I was well into adulthood before I got my powers. There might be (or have been) a child that developed a power early - pretty much the equivalent of a child prodigy, but since the number of super folks is so low, then the number of super prodigies is even lower. But you never know if one might turn up later!

Anyway, I'd comment further on your statements, but that probably deserves a response as a blog entry rather than in the commentary section. I'll work on that later.

Freelancer said...

Cool. Hahaha. I find that I am always clarifying your blog entries. But overall I love conversations such as this. As a super enhanced being in University, you were probably pissed off when you failed a mid-term. So angry that you destroyed your desk. Your study buddies are all wide eyed at the event.

You'd probably do that anime thing where you put your right hand behind your head and reply, "I've been working out."

Look forward to your commentary on my Comic Talk response.

Freelancer said...

I wanted to add to my Comic Talk response earlier:

"The death penalty is a very tricky subject. My opinion is that the policy should be applied in certain situations. This is should not apply to mainly normal humans. As you stated in earlier posts, not all super powered/enhanced humans have the same power levels."

In my third sentence, I meant to say that the death penalty SHOULD NOT apply exclusively to normal humans. The death penalty for normal humans, should be applied on a case-by-case basis.

Sorry if I wasn't clear on that.

freelancer said...

Overall, I am guessing that many of the super powered/strength heroes fighting for good will always have conflicts when dealing with super villains. When I say super villains, I am referring to all villains of various levels of power. It must be difficult deciding the course of action to take when dealing with certain types of evil. For many crime fighters, they have to make the choice to either take a life to save lives. As the famous Star Trek quote says: “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.”

Within the DC universe, I watched an animated Superman film, where the Man of Steel is killed by Doomsday. As the film moves along, Superman returns (yes – bad pun – sorry), but he isn’t what he seems. The hero goes after a ordinary villain, but instead of providing the law breaker easy access for the police to capture him, Superman says something cold and drops him. The villain dies automatically. Everyone who witnessed the event was shocked to see what happened. It turns out; it wasn’t really Superman at all, but a clone. Lex wanted to create an army of super humans. The real Superman put a stop to it.

Although you and your super friends are providing a service for the community, knowing when to cross the line is always an issue.

freelancer said...

Andromeda, since that you are "pro-life” I thought it would be appropriate to present the vid "Jack Jack Attack".


Enjoy while you can until it is taken down by the copyright police. Take care!

**Jack Jack Attack **

freelancer said...

Hi. When you return later this week, please do a Technology brief. I love reading those.