Thursday, February 18, 2010

An idea for a more formal version of my costume

Some time back, the idea of a more formal version of my costume came up. Over the weekend while watching a friend play World of Warcraft, he happened upon this boss in the Hall of Stone. She is named the Maiden of Grief, and I knew right away that I had found the more formal version of my costume!

One pic below is of her after she is killed, but I posted it because it shows the costume from above. Since it has the prerequisite cleavage if it's going to be my costume, I knew that this costume was the one. The formal costume is for special events, of course, in which I appear as a representative of the Department of Superhuman Studies. I'll still wear my white headband, but perhaps my hair can be braided for such occasions. And even though it's not as practical for fighting as my regular costume, I can still throw a punch in it, since we all know that the supervillain ALWAYS attack during such occasions! LOL

Anyway, there is an artist that I'm going to ask about making me in this costume or a variation of it at least. If I can get that arranged, I'll let you know.


John Smith said...

Not bad at all, although I am wondering when we'll get to see the real-life Andromeda...

Anonymous said...

I believe someone already asked that question in the past John. It was an English fellow applying that Andromeda wasn't a woman at all, but a guy. Naturally Andromeda wasn't pleased with that response and replied that you need to have suspension of disbelief. In other words, have fun with this blog. If you take her blog WAY too seriously don't bother come back.