Monday, February 15, 2010

Grr! Internet connection still funky!

My Internet connection is still intermittent! Fortunately, some repair people are supposed to come today, so I hope they can get me up and running again. It's very frustrating to be up and connected one minute then be disconnected for 5 minutes the next!

It's almost enough to make me throw the whole thing out the window!

I will try to get back to posting as soon as I can, folks.


Witty Indie said...

That sucks. What you should do Andy is get the contact details of the computer system technician who worked on your laptop. If he/she did a good job, you'll have a great repour and faster service.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Oh, it wasn't the computer that was funky, it was the fact that the rare Texas snowstorm we had last week had messed with our city power grids, making power to our homes go off and on. See, Texans are just not used to snow! Anyway, all the snow has melted away and things are almost back to normal.