Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New cool link: Misfit Corner Press

Last month I had mentioned my desire to see DC Comics' Blackest Night storyline to cross over to other, non-DC and even non-comic venues. Well, one artist has been doing that, and he is now my latest cool link!

Meet Andrew Charipar and his blog, Misfit Corner Press!

What I especially like about Charipar's work is the fact that it's in black and white - which, when you think about it, is only fitting, since what he is portraying is largely Black Lanterns.

Black and white art in comics has its own mood and sense of dramatic imagery that color can't match - and done right, it's a real sight to see. One of my favorites in black and white art that the boss introduced me to was Richard Dominguez' El Gato Negro, and it was because of Dominguez that I developed a great appreciation for black and white art.

Now Charipar comes along and reminds me why I enjoy black and white art. While Photoshopped palletes of color may be all the rage in comics nowadays, it's good to see these two artists "kickin' it old school".

Welcome to my Cool Links list, Andrew!

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