Friday, May 20, 2016

Facebook issues: Updated

As of today, I still don't know why I was booted from FB.  Again, I had no warning, no CLUE as to why I was kicked out.  Sure I had the occasional debates with others, but none of them indicated to me that they were that outraged by my comments. I certainly can think of no one among my FB friends who seemed so incensed and offended over something I said that they'd report me to FB. 

On the contrary, just like in my real life, I had many very passionate leftists among my FB friends who were as dedicated to their views as I am to my conservative views.  And I didn't hide the fact that I am conservative.  I never did before I came on FB, and for the entire eight year run, I never hid my views.  Everyone who friended me knew how I felt on the issues, and yet they were still my FB friends.  I enjoyed their company, even if they had contrary views to mine, and as far as I could tell, they enjoyed my company.

I did not see any sort of indication of anyone being that upset with me, because I think that they would have told me.  I've had rather spirited discussions before, but we always still got along afterwards.  I try to make it a point of being an "approachable" conservative, and I think most people felt that way about me.  So after saying all this, I find it hard to believe that anyone would report me.  I'm not denying the possibility, but again, I can't think of anyone among my FB friends who would do that.  One of my FB friends is as leftist as you can get, and yet we're downright chummy when we're not engaging in virtual fisticuffs. 

I thought about this a LOT, and about the only reason I can think of as to why FB would boot me is because my email is "bustyherochick" and my blog is "Busty Superhero Chick"; that is, some part-time unpaid intern at FB saw my account name, assumed that "busty" meant that I was some porn spammer, and gave me the axe, because boobs.  Boobs always cause problems, and I wouldn't doubt it if this was why I was booted.  Here's why I think this is a logical reason why I got booted: For FB, it probably IS that easy to spot the porn spammers, by using keywords like "busty" to find accounts that are most likely porn hustlers.  Porn people have been trying to disguise what they do by getting creative, like using b00b$, but they still have to give some clue as to what they're about, so they can't get too creative, or their potential customers won't be able to find them. 

The thing is, I've been "busty" for nearly 10 years, and only now they find me?  I guess I was hiding in plain sight all this time because I used the actual word instead of strange and rare but still readable characters like ßŨŞŦŸ!  So I am still out of the loop.  I just hope you're all behaving out there!

Meanwhile, I still have my duties as the Director of Social Media Marketing to take care of.  Plans that were in the making before the Big Boot are still in effect, although now without me there, we'll have to get creative as to how to promote the book once it comes out.  Oh!  And that's another thing!  The first issue has finally made progress on getting those final, six, infuriating pages completed, so we're finally moving along, friends!  WHOOHOO!!!  :-D

Also, the boss has been working diligently on getting artists lined up and hired to take care of TMA2 and TMA3, so that, once the first book comes out, the wait for the following issues hopefully won't be nearly as long. We are still at the mercy of the artists' schedules, but with more time to do their work, hopefully this will reduce the wait time like we had with TMA1.   We are also working on marketing strategies like t-shirts, variant covers, replica earrings, and other merchy products.  All about the merch, of course!  ;-)  And last, we're making decisions on what sort of fundraiser to use.  Kickstarter?  We don't have the merch yet to offer as incentives, so that might not be likely.  GoFundMe?  Something else?  The boss is going to ask for input from others on what we could do for this first go-round until he can get us some decent merch to pitch for KS.

While all that is going on, the time that I normally spent being on FB has instead been spent on catching up on books, movies, logging onto World of Warcraft more than usual (can never be on WoW TOO much!  LOL), and staying up to date on the 2016 election and other recent events.  I'm still conservative, by the way, so that hasn't changed.  >.<

I'm also going to see a movie that I've been strongly encouraged to see, which is Captain America: Civil War.  The other movie that I will most definitely go see, and perhaps see several times - IN THE THEATER! - is the OMGWarcraft movie!  Okay, it's actually Warcraft, but those of you who've followed me all this time know how much I love me some WoW!

Also, while I may not be on FB, I still have my blog.  This is where it all started, actually, and I suppose it's only fitting that I come back here and show it the kind of love that I had not been giving it in recent years.  I love blogging, but FB needed my attention more, and more often, if I was to keep up with the contacts that I had made over the years.  And you know - that's what kills me the most - all those people I connected with and got to know over the years, all those artists whom I helped connect with the boss and get pin-ups from, all those creators who helped us to finally put together a book, and creators who joined up and formed Creators United - ALL GONE in an instant!  That really, really kills me so much that it actually hurts, especially in the way I was unceremoniously dumped from FB.

But I can't change things, so here I am.  So be it.  I won't be swayed from my conservative views, even if I am cut out entirely from the social media.  I'd rather be cut out from the social media than surrender ONE viewpoint; that's how much I believe in my views.  And again, while FB was the most amount of contact that I had with others, it was still only ONE contact.  There's still other means of reaching out to others, and now I have my excuse to explore those alternatives.  Give me some time, I should be popping up somewhere else soon, but do keep up with my blog to see what I'm up to.  ;-)

In closing, I leave this quote by Captain America, which he said during the comic version of Civil War.  I love it, because it captures WHY I stick by my beliefs.  Thank you, friends.  I miss you, and I love you.  Take care.

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