Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breast cancer research again

Word of warning: the video below might not be "safe for work". This is in case you have a psycho feminist boss at work who can't tolerate a little - ahem - "titillating" imagery. (Yeah, bad pun. So sue me)

I found this video at the end of this Salon article. I don't know what's gotten into Salon lately that they've gotten all booby, but it makes for interesting reading, because it hits upon stuff that I've recently discussed on my blog - as you regular readers know.

So. Does the above ad make you guys think more about the need for breast cancer research? Are you now motivated to do something about it? Did the ad work as intended, or did it do as the article above states and "insult men's intelligence"? For my part, I don't think men's intelligence is what was being aimed for in that ad, ifyouknowwhatImean...

The ad does reflect on something that I've stated in one way or another on my blog: Sometimes you dudes are too horny for your own good, so it was presenting an alternative for you guys to channel your horniness into productive use. See? You guys are that bad and that obvious. ;-)

At the same time, I do worry that these ads and Internet memes for breast cancer research are sometimes too cutesy given the seriousness of the subject matter. Granted, trying to come to terms with having breast cancer is very trying (to say the least!), but are matters helped with these cutesy-poo responses? It's almost like a denial of the realities of what is coming.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that women diagnosed with breast cancer should suddenly become morbid and fatalistic, but that there should be a balance. And more credit should be given to those women, that they are adults and can cope with what comes. But to learn how to cope with it, they have to know - TRULY know - what is coming. And posting the color of one's bra on Facebook or bouncy boobies in a Youtube video doesn't really do anything to help.

Boy, for something that just hangs on women's chests and feeds babies, it sure causes a lot of problems eh? Anyway, all this makes me think of whether things can be done differently. It can be argued that breasts are THE defining visible characteristic of womanhood, but we also run into the danger of being defined ONLY by our breasts. We are more than our breasts, after all. Women benefit by the lure power that breasts give, but at the same time, we risk losing something in the process - namely, being viewed as a person with a brain instead of a rack.

I'm not sure what to say next. I'll have to think on this some more. Feel free to offer your input on this matter.


wulfmankarl said...

I'm of two minds on this. As a man who is a big breast lover, my lust attracts me to the busty news, which landed me on your site, and a few weeks ago onto the breast cancer promo you referred. I am a contributor to breast cancer research, so the promo works for me.

As to the question "Is a woman her boobs?" ...of course not, and it is easy for me to interact with my girlfriend on an intellectual or social level with out thinking of her boobs. I love her for her personality and strong character and independence, and I lust after her body....it's two different minds.

If she didn't have big boobs, I almost certainly not not have become lovers with her THEN, but that doesn't mean that having big boobs is a condition of my love for her NOW.

I lusted after her right away, but fell in love with her over a period of months. If she got breast cancer and lost both boobs, I would stay with her because I love her as a person, not a life support system for two boobs. I selected her for dating partly because of her big boobs, of course hoping that if we fell in love that she wouldn't lose the boobs to illness, but I always knew that once in love, I'm in it for the whole person, not the body alone.

Does that help?

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Wulf, thanks for your very honest and personal commentary, and I must say it's a refreshing bit of honesty! And yes, it does help! :-)

Not many guys would be that willing to be that honest in public to a woman who isn't their wife or girlfriend. Hopefully this means that I'm "approachable" in regards to such discussions? Anyway, you bring up some good topics for discussion, and I'll be working on a response over the weekend.