Monday, January 25, 2010

The Hooters restaurant, but no hooters! And other news.

The webcomic, PvP, managed to have a storyline involving the restaurant Hooters without actually showing any of the waitresses from the front! Actually, you never saw any of the waitresses' faces either - only their asses. Hmm... Not sure what the creator of that strip, Scott Kurtz, is saying with this representation of women.

Anyway, another oddity is the face of Cole, the dude in the strip above. For one, look how small and beady his eye is! Not only that, he has no eyebrows! Unless you count that one long pen stroke on his forehead as his eyebrows. Actually, it's more of a unibrow if it's supposed to be his eyebrows. Dang, I need to stop thinking about this - I'm making Cole creepier by the minute!

In other news, I'm back! The real life crisis (and not really a crisis) has been taken care of, and your favorite conservative blogging busty superhero chick is back in action and ready to take world by storm!

Some time back, I had brought up some changes that I was hoping to do to my blog, and one idea was to separate my political commentary from this blog into its own separate blog. This was mainly to help focus my political statements in a blog meant for political discussion. However, after thinking about it and after discussing it with my boss and a couple of other people I know, I have decided to keep my political commentary here and just manage one blog instead of spreading myself out over two blogs.

What I do here just seems to work, so why mess with it? So having finally resolved that particular discussion, I will now get back to the changes that I had initially planned on doing before I began mulling over whether I wanted to start a second blog. The changes will be coming over the next few weeks, and they'll be small and subtle, but you should still notice them.

Aaah, it's good to be back! Stay tuned!

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Dan said...

PVP has been a great read over the years.