Friday, January 8, 2010

A pro-rape Facebook page? Damn!

This was actually the first time I had heard of the pro-rape Facebook page.

Had I known about it back then, my response would be to suggest that those men who are pro-rape to spend a week in prison and see if they don't change their minds about rape. Why do they assume that rape only refers to man on woman?


Anonymous said...

Also rape is the reverse women on men. It's rare, but it's true.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

I had heard of this sort of "reverse rape". I kinda wonder the circumstances of such an act, because isn't a man who is "aroused" being aroused with his consent? That is, can a man have an unconsenting arousal? I would think that if the man isn't consenting to being aroused, then he wouldn't be able to have an erection. But then, what do I know of such things? Guys can be pretty weird about what arouses them, so I suppose an unconsented arousal is theoretically possible.

Okay, how did I end up talking about arousals? LOL