Friday, January 15, 2010

Good news on Haiti

Despite the ongoing tragedy continuing in Haiti, I heard some good news this morning. One is in regards to the person from Haiti that i referred to in my previous blog entry. She heard from her family in Haiti just yesterday, and they are all okay. She was so relieved, and so was I. Another bit of good news is this news story in the USA Today stating that donations to Haiti are on track to break all records.

I don't normally cry in public, either tears of sadness or joy, but this time my eyes watered this morning on hearing both of these good news. Here in the middle of a bad economy, Americans still are giving to help others. If that's not the American spirit in action, then I don't know what is. I hope that the politicians on the left and right feel shame for their behavior in recent years, because while they fight their little games of "King of the Hill", the people that they are alleged to serve are putting them to shame.

There is still much more work to be done there of course, and as several news reports stated, the logistics of getting done what needs to be done is daunting, but I have faith that they'll work it out. This weekend, see what you can do to help, if it's financially, or by donating food, clothing, or volunteering to do such tasks as pack boxes of food, clothing, and medicine bound to Haiti.

And speaking of politicians, I would like to reach out to President Obama and ask that he be as diligent about praising Americans in their efforts to aid Haiti as he is diligent about apologizing for America whenever he goes abroad to visit the leaders of other nations. No doubt the U.S has many sins in its history to account for, but we also are deserving of praise from the one man who is supposed to represent us. It's a worthy - and bi-partisan thing to do.

One last note, I MIGHT not post again until next Wednesday, because I have some personal stuff to take care of, and there's a very slight possibility that I might not post at all next week, but right now I don't see it coming to that. In case it does, though, then you'll at least know what's going on. If all goes well though, you should see very little to no interruption in my posting.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and don't forget to pray and do your part to aid Haiti!

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