Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tim Tebow and the so-called pro-"choice" movement

I had posted my response to this Tim Tebow story on Facebook for about 30 seconds before deciding that my response is more blog-worthy - so here I am! LOL

The problem with you pro-choice folks is that you aren't really about "choosing" - instead, you accept only one choice, and that's to abort. If you really were about "choosing" in the true sense of the word, then Octomom would be your hero, because she "chose", didn't she?

Also, if you really were about "choosing" then you'd be the most steadfast opponent of China's one child per family policy, which is rife with abuses and which results in many Chinese families aborting female babies because culturally they prefer a son.

Because you have so narrow a definition of what action can be "chosen", then you always have to oppose the feel-good stories such as Tim Tebow's. I know personally of several women who "should have chosen" the "right" way, and had their baby anyway, and their child went on to be a contributing member of society.

One of the reasons that I became pro-life is because being pro-choice not only means embracing a contradiction of being about "choice", but also because being pro-choice means having a negative view of humanity; that there are certain groups of people not worth living. That is, teenage mothers living in poverty will always have their unborn viewed as not worth living, because pro-choice folks feel that infants born in such circumstances will only live a life of misery and crime, so as to spare him or her of such a life, they should be aborted.

I can't accept such negativity and hopelessness. You can be poor yet have a positive outlook in life. In turn, you can have all the wealth in the world and yet be a miserable human being. Wealth is no guarantee of success, just as poverty is no guarantee of failure, and yet to be pro-choice you have to adopt such an elitist attitude.

Oh gosh, I could easily go on! But I will mention one more thing: Legalized abortion has cost my generation millions of our members. That is, the generations born after 1973 have lost millions each year, at least a good 1/4 to 1/3 of us. That's millions that will never be doctors, lawyers, politicians, soldiers, police officers, fire fighters, journalists, farmers, and so on.

Some wiseasses have told me before that many criminals were also not born, but my response is this: Name ONE generation in human history that has NOT had its share of criminals? And friends, in any given generation, the numbers of contributing members of society have ALWAYS outnumbered the numbers of criminals by a wide, wide margin, so this argument of having succeeded in proactively preventing criminals from being born is a very poor and weak argument; and I promise you that we have lost much, much more than we've gained by preventing a few burglars or car thieves from existing.

I'd rather have hope for mankind than live in hopeless despondency and cling to mankind's shortcomings as pro-choice folks have to do.

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