Monday, September 8, 2008

Question regarding the potential health problems of those with super abilities

One question came in asking basically whether people (in my "universe", of course) with super abilities can get such things as cancer or diseases. The answer is yes, absolutely. While most of those with super abilities have some degree of speed healing (including myself), we can still succumb to various diseases, most often related to our super conditions. In order to better explain our vulnerability to certain medical conditions, we must first discuss the origins of super abilities.

Theorists and scientists on superhuman physiology have two competing theories related to the origins of super abilities. Some say that they are the next step in the evolutionary ladder, while others say that it's a genetic mutation. There has been no set acceptance of either theory, because successful pairings of a human and a superhuman very rarely result in an offspring that has a super ability. Usually only pairings of two superhumans result in a superhuman child. The very low success rate for a human/superhuman pairing suggests a genetic incapatability, but if that incapatability is due to the superhuman's genetically enhanced DNA, or if it's due to a genetic mutation, no one has yet agreed. So basically, more studies are necessary.

That there are very few superhumans suggest that it is very difficult for them reproduce. Also, many of them die young - there are very few elderly superhumans, because so many of us live dangerous lives that end in our untimely demise, or because of health complications related to their super condition. For instance, those with super speed have to be cautious of wounds in which bleeding results. Depending on the speedster, they could literally bleed to death in less than a second - much faster than the fastest EMT could treat them. Those with super strength often take stupid risks with great weights that they discover to actually be beyond their ability to handle, and thus they are often crushed by the very weight that they sought to lift, because there was not another super strength person nearby, or heavy lifting mechanical equipment was not available when needed.

Cancer in superhumans is almost always fatal, as there is practically no research on superhuman cancers, because there are very few super humans. Such cancers are almost always immune to treatments that would help normal human cancers. In order to understand superhuman cancers, the origins of superhuman abilities must be discovered, and as stated previously, that is still being debated. Thus, if a superhuman's super immune system is unable to combat the cancer, then virtually nothing else can.

And last, for those with invulnerable skin, internal bleeding is always fatal if they don't have speed healing. EMTs are unable to cut through their skin to stop any internal bleeding. There are, of course, many other examples of health hazards related to super abilities and super conditions, but I think I at least provided a good start of how superhumans can be as vulnerable as humans to cancer and disease.


eric77778 said...

I have to say that was an interesting article. Thank you for answering my question in great detail. Disease can be fatal yes, but you forgot about time travel. You know, allies of superhuman individuals that can help the wounded or dying hero/heroine recover by traveling back in time with the advance knowledge, which is nonexistent in the super hero/heroine’s present.

Remember Dragon Ball Z? In the Trunks Saga, Goku undergoes a fatal heart condition (result of achieving his Super Saiyan 1 powers). Trunks had the antidote to heal the gentle Z fighter. Unfortunately, Goku’s friends had to stop the Androids (16, 17, 18, 19, and 20) from finding Goku and killing him off.

I don't know if you or your other writer friend will include that in your stories for the Andromeda comic series. With everything that has happened so far on your blog site, I’m guessing your rag tag creative crew is still in the development stage.

freelancer said...

Evening Andromeda. Through the emails I received during our conversations, you used the Greek last name Perseus. I was curious on what its true meaning was. I researched it to find out more.

According to Greek Mythology, he was your husband and based on my researched, he made a bargain with the gods to kill a Gorgon monster known as Medusa.

Perseus rescued your descendant as she was a bait for the sea creature known as Ceto. Perseus killed the beast and proposed marriage onto your past self.

freelancer said...

I believe that an important question to be answered is this: what does a superhero do to have fun?

Also because of superhumans enhanced health, the lifespan will be increased. For a superhero/heroine this will be a saddening experience. The reason is because these superhumans will out live their love ones.

eric77778 said...

Andromeda, you haven't discussed the other characters, beside yourself. Are you going to introduce other super friends and feature them on your blog as teasers before the web comic comes out?

eric77778 said...

Is the smiley face on your boob a tattoo, a brand mark, or a communication device? I only say this because it look weird on you.

Busty Superhero Chick said...


At this point in time, there are no plans for a time travel superhuman (although, with their powers, that could change at any moment!).

In regards to the other characters in my stories, I had hoped to do that once we had some local artists hired to do some of the artwork, but that hasn't worked out like we hoped. We're still working on that. I may start introducing some of the characters anyway.

As for the smiley face on my boob, that is going to be explained later - in a contest! Details to come later this month!

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Freelancer, yes, my name comes from Greek mythology. Just be mindful that "Andromeda" is only my superhero name, and NOT my actual name! Gotta keep that secret identity, after all!

As for what superhumans do for fun, just like regular humans, it depends on the individual. We are very different just like humans in regards to our tastes and preferences for entertainment. I, obviously, like to blog and play WoW!

In regards to superhumans' enhanced health, not all of them enjoy super healing like I do. A few have almost human levels of healing (although still better than human), while others have healing powers even better than mine.

In my universe, there are rumors of superhumans who are centuries or even millennia old, but none of the rumors are confirmed as of yet. However, some scientists and philosophers theorize that these ancient superhumans just might be the basis of the mythologies of those ancient cultures. Note how many of those mythologies have a lot of commonalities.

It's theoretically possible that the same group of superhumans went traveling to different parts of the world and inspired cultures into creating the stories that became their mythologies. It's all really fascinating stuff.

In regards to their having outlived their loved ones, you make me think of that movie, Highlander. Yes, that's most likely possible as well, but like I said, so far we have no confirmed cases of ancient superhumans still living today.

freelancer said...

Ha-ha. Cool. Cool. I KNOW that "Andromeda" is not your REAL name, and BSC will be determined later by yourself. I only call you by that name because it’s easier to identify with. I also know that your superhero name has a Greek origin. It was the last name you choose that peeked my curiosity.

The same applies to me as "The Freelancer". That identity is not my real name also, but the MEANING relates to my personality.

I have a real passion on working on my own or working on projects of my own interest.

It also relates to my childhood as well, because while my friends had NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis and other cool stuff, I passed the time drawing comics.

My family has "design" in our genes.

Oh, one last thing. Don't forget to go to to set up your Avatar on Comic Strip Club. It's really easy.


eric77778 said...

Tell me. In real life, do you have a University background (undergraduate degree)? The reason why I ask is because you have a fluid and descriptive writing style. Your style is very similar to college professors.

freelancer said...

An earlier comment a while back mentioned that your character *cough,cough* stuffs items such as cell phones, USB Flash keys, etc, down your cleavage. I don't think that very effective - fictional or not. Wouldn't it be better that your artist to design a pocket for your stuff within the "hot pants".

Better you could have belt with pouches (i.e. Batman). Finally a better solution would be to have a big pouch on hip area (i.e. Narato).

Discuss this with your artist and tell me what he thinks of that.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Freelancer, I figured that you knew that Andromeda was my pseudonymn, but when you started mentioning "husbands" and "descendents", then I thought that I should clarify the nature of my name. No prob.

As for stuffing stuff in my cleavage, it's mainly for convenience, not necessarily for effectiveness. I mean, my cleavage is right there! And it's huge! ;-)

We thought of pockets for my costume, and we still may go with that, but the main reason that I started storing stuff in my bra is because my boobs protect my cellphone. No matter where else I put my phone, it eventually got shattered from impacts on the ground when I fought the heavy hitter superdudes (who think nothing of slapping women around, apparently! Jerks! I guess that's why they're bad guys!). Some phone companies dropped me as a customer because they got pissed changing out my phones all the time.

I don't store that much in my bra when I'm out doing the hero thing anyway - mostly my cellphone and perhaps cash. I'd rather travel light - less to keep track of that way.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Eric, I have a Master's degree, actually. And thanks for the compliments on my writing. It's why the boss kept prodding me to write a blog. I'm glad he did, as I really enjoy it.

freelancer said...

You have a Masters!? Ha-ha.

But I guess you did what you had to do be become successful in your career. I have a friend with a junior college degree in Business Marketing. Keeps complaining that the employment prospects in our city is poor and is thinking of moving to the west coast.

Myself I didn't go to University. When I was younger I thought I wasn't "good enough". I don't think so now. Friends and former co-workers tell me not to beat myself up on what I did in the past. I need to focus on my future. A Doctor I worked under last year at his semiconductor company helped focus myself through conversations we had together.

I have an Associate degree in General Arts and Science. This was a career development degree. The first year of study was a foundation of design. I also have a certificate in Office Administration, and Web Design.

I remember working for a computer company, and showing my co-workers my various skills. They were surprised with what I had under my belt. But overall, I need to focus more.

When I commented about your character with regards to your "husband" and "descendants" I was referring to the REAL Andromeda Greek myth. Another way of looking at it is role play.

Jake said...

Just checkin' out your blog for the first time, very nice writing overall. I would have to question your logic throughout your paragraph about genetics, most notably about the distinction between genetic enhancement and mutation. I understand what you're driving at, but what would the so called "enhancement" be if not a mutation? By definition the "next step in the evolutionary ladder" IS a mutation.

freelancer said...

Curious. Are there any topics that we can talk about without reviling the details of your web comic series? I think everything has been discussed. If you have any ideas from your universe you want to push further, I’d be happy to help.

freelancer said...

Wait! I take back what I said before. I have an idea that you can use in your Superhero/heroine universe. Please pass this onto your boss as well. In your web comic, superhuman and humans will have the technology to use Enthographs. Now, you are probably asking, Freelancer what is an Enthograph?

Well, Andromeda, an Enthograph is a device that allows the user to scan an individual of a different race, say Korean for example.

Once the scan has been placed, the device will reorder the DNA structure based on your original profile. After the profile has been set, the device will alter the user's skin and hair follicles to match the race they want to masquerade as. In layman’s terms, it’s basically your appearance, but altered in another race.

This type of technology would be used for spy missions, or entering dangerous territory where the superhero/heroine needs vital intel on crime bosses.

This technology is a further step from holographic technology (i.e. the mobile emitter used by The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager), only this time it’s biological. A device such as this is the same size a digital watch.


Wait!! Wait!! I know that your universe is already set (although I did peek your interest with some of my ideas). But is it possible that readers such as me can design and send you sketches on props of technology that can be used in "The Might Andromeda's" universe?

Two heads are better than one. But new possibilities may blossom with three heads and even four!

Please tell me your thoughts on this.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Freelancer, in regards to your questions/comments:

* If you have the means of going back to college, I wholly encourage you to do so. My dad used to say that the difference between a ditch digger with a degree and one without is that the one with a degree always has the option to find another job. You seem to have your own talents, and the college experience sounds like just the means of honing those talents. You might even consider working for the student paper as a way of exploring your writing and drawing skills. I think going back to college would be the best decision of your life.

* In regards to ideas and suggestions for the comic, we're exploring how to bring up that topic on this blog - that is, whether we should do it in the form of polls, contests, or just straight out dialogue and discussion. This is all new to us, so we're still trying to work that out. Patience is all that I can ask for at this time.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Jake, like I said, the issue of the origins of people with super abilities is still being debated and discussed. However, when we define "genetic enhancement (GE)" and "genetic mutation (GM)", basically we mean that if it's an enhancement, then they are able to reproduce, but if it's a mutation, they aren't able to reproduce. Mutations are generally a one-time thing that can't pass on their genetics to the next generation. However, with the population of superhumans being so small, the study of them and their genetics is even smaller, so it will still be some time before we know if they are GEs or GMs.

freelancer said...

Thank you for your comments Andromeda in regards to college. I'm guessing that "ditch digger" means being stuck in a corner and trying to find the next step regardless of your educational background.

I will try to "level off" with the suggestions. Your head is probably spinning with all the ideas that I'm throwing at you.

You didn't comment on my tech idea about the Enthograph. What did you think?