Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A discussion over the weekend

The following discussion took place at a party I went to over the weekend. The conversation below, of course, is edited to remove any unrelated topics, and also to edit out such things as "Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom". Otherwise, it's mostly verbatim.

Dude #1 (D1): So what do you do again?
Me: I blog.

D1: Blog? As in writing?
Me: Yes.

D1: So what - a blog is like a diary, right?
Me: It can be, but I think my readers would eventually get tired of me saying stuff like "Today I'm happy, because..." or "Today I'm sad, because..." That's teenage stuff.

D1: So uh, what do you write about?
Me: Mostly about superhero comics, or movies, although I'll talk about other stuff.

D1: Comics? People would read a blog about comics?
Me: When was the last time you read comics?

D1: Geez, when I was like 9.
Me: Well, there's all kinds of blogs AND websites on comics. It's a huge business.

D1: I didn't know that.
Me: Yes, and I still read them. I just love those kinds of stories. I always have.

D1: Kid at heart, eh?
Me: You might say that.

D1: What's your blog's name?
Me: "Busty Superhero Chick"

D1: Whu-? "Busty"?
Me: Yeah. As in "big boobs".

D1: You write about superheros with big boobs?
Me: Some of the time. Not all of the time. That'd get boring like writing about my feelings.

D1: Hm, I don't think your male readers would get tired of it.
Me: Oh, they would too. They just wouldn't admit it, because otherwise they'd be afraid that I'd stop talking about them!

D1: What do you say - about them?
Me: What CAN I say? They're boobs. They're big. They can get heavy after awhile. I can cause accidents just by bending over. Stuff like that.

D1: So why did you name your blog "Busty Superhero Chick" if you weren't going to talk about boobs all the time?
Me: It's just a catchy name so that my readers will remember it. It's a gimmick, basically. And it works. You'll remember the name now, right?

D1: Uh, yes I will. Okay, I see your point.
Me: And besides, boobs are magnets. I still don't know why, but I can't deny that they work like magnets.

D1: What do you mean you don't know why?
Me: Well, like any woman would say, they're just boobs! That's it!

D1: You mean you really don't know why dudes dig boobs?
Me: Oh, I know it's a sexuality thing. I get that. I just don't know why guys make such a big deal over them. Of course, some men like legs, others like hair, and so forth. Men are attracted to the visual. I understand that part.

D1: But...?
Me: But to me, they're still just boobs!

D1: I suppose it's a guy thing.
Me: Yeah, it is. At the same time, you guys probably don't know why women make such a big deal over shoes.

D1: I do notice that there's a lot more women's shoes stores than men's shoes.
Me: And we make a big deal over clothes. And the hair. It's a vanity thing.

D1: A chick thing.
Me: Yeah, I guess you can call it that.

D1: Well, you're right.
Me: About what?

D1: Dudes don't get that part about women and shoes and fashion and so forth. It's why you all spend so much time getting ready.
Me: And yet you wouldn't be attracted to us if we dressed like slobs.

D1: I suppose not. Makes us even, I guess.
Me: Not quite. We outspend you guys many times over on the clothes and shoes we buy, and stuff like shampoo and cosmetics.

D1: Uh, I'm sorry?
Me: Well, it's not exactly your fault. Ladies dress pretty much for other ladies as we do for the men. Most men wouldn't care so much whether something I wore was made of cotton or rayon so long as I looked good in it - and yet if I have one top that doesn't quite go with its bottom, the ladies spot it right away.

D1: Say, is this blog of yours for women, or for everybody?
Me: For everyone.

D1: Okay, then you probably shouldn't talk too much about clothes or fashion on your blog, because you'd bore the dudes. Bad enough that we have to sit and wait while you all try on dozens of outfits - to talk about clothes and fashion too much in your blog would only remind the dudes of that.
Me: Ha! Okay, good point! I'll keep that in mind!

D1: Say, I gotta run. Thanks for an interesting conversation.
Me: No prob. And thanks for listening. Oh, and read my blog!

D1: Will do.
Me: What's the name of it again?

D1: Uh, Busty Superhero Chicks
Me: No, just chick. Singular.

D1: Right. Got it. I'll check it out.
Me: Thanks. See ya.


skatcat31 said...

Actually men were foundto have spent more on shoes and cosmetics and jewelry in 1007 then women because theyd buy them FOR the women. It was on MSNBC for a few days during march.

freelancer said...

Hmmm...interesting conversation.

Great way to summarize your blog for new comers. When you said "boobs are magnets" they are to certain types of men. For woman that don't have the huge boobage, men focus on other things like hair, and legs, as you mentioned. "Men are visual", I would have to sort of agree on that point. Why? As you are correct that men are visual (even I am), but we also focus on personality as well. There many types. The serious type, the loud "in your face" type, the intellect type, the "bored with the world" type, the emo type, the skater type. Need I go on? But you get the idea. Men is also attractive to personality that's similar to theirs.

In essence you could tie my speech to your blog entry on "How do I get someone to like me?"

Personally, I wouldn't mind if you talked about feelings, but I can understand how that would bore 95% of your readers.

With regards to that dude character, can you explain what's the deal with shoes with men? Are you saying that you can tell how "well off" a guy is by the shoes he wears? Is that a little judgmental? I mean - ok lets use myself as example. I am currently wearing gray saddles. Understandable because of the weather. So are you saying that you are going to judge me based on the shoes that I wear? What my personality? What is you are upset about something at a bus stop, and I happen to see you in my car and I pull over and ask if you are alright? Doesn't that count? I love to hear you clarification on that. Take care.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Freelancer, in regards to shoes, I was speaking of how women fuss over their OWN shoes, not on how women judge men on the shoes they wear. For instance, how many shoes do you think the average guy has vs. the average woman? I bet the women have more shoes! I apologize for not making that clear in my initial post.

freelancer said...

Oooh OK. Got ya. The same point can also be said about hair between men and woman. Myself for example, an average haircut is 10 minutes - tops. I remember when I was about 9 or 10 years old, and had to go downtown with my mom to salon. The average time for her to completely get her hair done was about 2 hours!

freelancer said...

Andromeda, I'm going to change the topic a bit. Don LaFontaine - the voice-over guy for movie trailers pasted away this Monday.

"In a world, where darkest surrounds, one female warrior rises up to bring hope to a new generation. The summer, the Mighty Andromeda fights for justice!"

We are losing the greats of the former generation. They will be missed.

freelancer said...

Hey Andromeda. I have an idea for your web comic. Its not new, but its great fun for your readers. The creators of Electronic Tigers use this all the time. Ever so often the creators will come up with a story arc, and at the last panel, the users will write what the character would say. In the end, this will make your comic interesting and interactive.