Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm back! With comics talk!

Okay, troopers - sorry to be away longer than expected, but I had some real life stuff to take care of, plus we of the creative team were having some long needed discussions. I'll fill you in later on what came out of that, but one thing that we did decide on is that I will try to post 3 to 5 times a week Monday through Friday, and take the weekends off - unless some special event comes up. This leaves the weekend free for planning what I can talk about in the next week. I've been pretty much working that schedule anyway, but now we're making it official.

Anyway, for being away so long, I decided to treat you to something that is supposed to be one of the main points of this blog: comics talk! Next week I promise talk about nothing else but comics! And hey, let's start today! :-D

Out this Wednesday was a DC title that I've long awaited since I first heard that it was coming out, DC Decisions, in which the political views of various heroes will be brought out! It's been no secret that Green Arrow is a bleeding heart liberal, but what about the other heroes? What do you think?

But before I continue, a word of warning:

If you have not read DC Decisions and don't want the story's content to be revealed to you here, STOP READING NOW!!!!

Sorry, it's always necessary to do that so that I don't have anyone complaining that I didn't warn them. Okay, onward!

In the story, a Republican candidate is almost killed by a bomb blast from someone who should be a loyal supporter. Later on, a Democratic candidate is also almost killed, also by someone who should be a loyal supporter. In the first instance, lives were lost and harmed in an explosion. In the second instance, Green Arrow happened to see the bomber at the last second and shot a freeze arrow at him, creating a freezing block of ice around the arms of the would-be bomber.

The Justice League decides that they are going to need to protect the candidates, since it seems to be a metahuman with mind control powers at work. The metahuman seems to be aiming for all candidates, not just those of a certain political or sociological ideology. The heroes are supposed to keep their politics out of it, but Green Arrow is ultimately persuaded to support the liberal candidate, because otherwise he doesn't have a shot at winning. Thus begins the problem: What happens when a superhero supports a candidate for office?

Some years back when Lex Luthor was president, Superman made it a point to state that he served the office or the country, and not the man, when he came to help Luthor do something. In this storyline, he's STILL keeping his politics out of it - even from his wife! Lois, by the way, shows herself to be a conservative - which was a surprise to me. Guy Gardner, one of the many Green Lanterns, is on the cover of DCD #2 as a right-winger. He's always been something of a jerk, so I guess what DC is saying that now we know why! ;-)
(End Spoilers)

So far, that's all that is revealed, but I'm certainly going to be keeping up! All of the 4 issues are supposed to be available before the November election, so if you're going to buy this series, be sure to look out for it pretty much every week in October. This is one series that I'm looking forward to!

I was going to reveal my own political views in this blog entry, but I thought that, in the spirit of the limited series, I'll only reveal them incrementally as each issue comes out. However, most of you already know that I'm prolife because of my posts on the Comic Strip Club forum. If you didn't know that before, you know now! ;-)

Oh, and one last thing: On Monday, Heroes comes back!

YES! YES! YES!!! (hopping around like a schoolgirl)

I so totally LOVE that show! And I will be giving reviews of each episode! Life is good! Especially if you're a nerd!

Have a great weekend, gang!


freelancer said...

Well, I'd figure you were getting back to the Comics Talk. I don't know if I'd buy "DC Decisions". I have to say that the country has to change, not only for the well being for its citizens but for the rest of the world.

Currently, I'm watching "LOST" from the beginning and I'm enjoying it. Its real and storyline really grabs you WANTING MORE!!

I know that this is early, don't I can't wait until your article on the WATCHMEN movie (coming out March 6, 2009). Geeks across the planet will bow down to this epic.

I don't know about you, but "Smallville" season 8 is premiering tomorrow where I am. *** SPOILER ALERT AHEAD ***

So far Lana Lang (Clark Kent's first love) has left him, because his density is huge and she feels that she is in his way. But the important event is Lex finding out that Clark is the traveler. Will Lex get brain washed later in the series? In my opinion, that would make sense because when Clark finally takes on the title of Superman, Lex (as a 40 something man) doesn't know Clark's alter ego.

Happy that you have your groove back!

freelancer said...

About HEROES, what season are we currently in? As well, is the series any good? I'm watching LOST from the beginning. I assume HEROES is directed by the same guy.

freelancer said...

Hey I going to get off topic a bit, but as your comic is developing could you possibly do a story where a citizen gets ripped off by speaker fleas, driving either a blue van. With your super hearing you can assess the situation, pick the guy up by the collar, fly in the air and when you are about 4 stories high. Drop him.

Then when he is about to hit the ground grab the guy and throw him into the guy in the van and reply in a cold tone.

"Never prey on the innocent again!"

If I trade places with you and that situation happen I would go "Moral Kombat" on him!!

Yes, the reality did happen to me and I'm pissed. My friend, with the business degree was no help.


Sorry. :-(

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Freelancer, Heroes is in season 3. I haven't seen LOST, so I can't compare the two, nor do I know if it's directed by the same guy. Tim Kring directs Heroes, that's all I know. As for whether Heroes is any good, it's only my favorite show right now! I understand that it's not for everyone, but I love it! If you haven't seen it yet, you might watch it from the beginning before you jump in to season 3. See if your local video store or Netflix has it for renting if you don't want to buy it just yet. I'll be commenting more on yesterday's episode later.