Thursday, September 11, 2008

I can so relate to Mika and DiDi!

I can so totally relate to Mika and DiDi on the difficulties of finding the right sized bra! U go, girl!


freelancer said...

KA-BOOM! That Ron-Ron always has the last word. Glad you enjoyed that strip.

Oh you should explain to your readers what you said to me during our e-mail conversation about the comic strip I sent you from "Evil Inc."

I'd be happy to recap if you'd like.

freelancer said...

You and DiDi don't come close. I was watching TV, flipping through channels and I stopped on SPIKE TV.

Apparently, the biggest boobs in world is 61 MMM!! I love women of a certain cup size, but after seeing that I was grossed out. I mean who is attracted to that!? Aaah - sick man.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

I've seen some pics of women with gigantic breasts. Amazingly, that turns some men on. To me, though, it just looks gross - especially when women get implants to make themselves gigantic. A natural A cup beats an inflated DD cup any day, I think.

freelancer said...

That is why I think Asian women are hot!


freelancer said...

I was watching SPIKE TV's Manswers and they were discussing what would happen to boobs if women where on the moon (or in space in general).

As I was watching this clip, I thought of something: How can you tell if a woman's boobs are moving in slow motion if SHE IS WEARING A SPACESUIT? Duh!

Where do the writers come up with these topics?