Thursday, September 11, 2008

Menage a3 comic

I'll be following the comic Menage a3 because it is so unusual and unique. It's drawn in a style that is a combination of Japanese Manga art and Archie Comics. I LOVE the facial expressions! And DiDi - damn! That girl is bigger than I am! I'll be e-mailing the creator sometime soon so that I can see about perhaps doing some kind of cross-over, since two of the cast are comics fans - and of course, so am I. ;-)


freelancer said...

Andromeda, for writers sake its spelled:

"Ménage à 3"


freelancer said...

Your universe is getting bigger and bigger each and everyday if you keep having these cross-overs. Pretty soon you'll have a league of web comic heroes. Have you read “Looking for Group”?