Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey la, hey la, HEROES is back!

To find out that there were going to be TWO new episodes of Heroes showing was like finding out that you won the lottery and a new car at the same time! I got all my real-life stuff done and out of the way, popped up some popcorn, and watched myself silly for two hours! Okay, on to the show! But first....


Cometh up is a discussion of yesterday's episodes of Heroes! If you haven't seen them yet and don't want to know what happens - STOP READING NOW!! You have been warned, bucko!!

This new chapter of Heroes is titled "Villains". We also found out who shot Nathan Petrelli - his younger brother Peter! Well, Peter from 4 years in the future, who came back to the past to "fix" things in the present. From here on, I'll call him FP for "future Peter", to distinguish him from the Peter of our present time. In FP's time, Nathan's revealing of his super powers caused all kinds of problems for those with super abilities, so FP decided to go back to his past (our present day) and kill Nathan before he had a chance to reveal his flight powers to the public. However, not only did FP not make things better in his future, he actually made them worse!

FP knew things were going to be different when things started to happen in the present day that didn't happen in his future time. For instance, the escape of evil super-powered people. That didn't happen in his time. More on the super villains later. Also, Claire Bennett, the teen with the super healing powers (better than mine!), was finally caught by Sylar, and he cut her head open to get to her brain! But of course, her healing power is such that she healed even from that! However, she seems to have lost her sense of touch. She can't feel pain, and it makes her wonder if she's even human anymore. This didn't happen in FP's time.

Claire also complained that she's tired of always having to run away. She said (not these exact words, but words to that effect): "Sure, I can heal and all that, but what kind of lame power is that if I keep getting beat all the time?" I wholeheartedly agree. I say let her learn how to kick some ass! Apparently in some future time, she does learn how to kick ass, as the first episode began with her holding a gun to FP, who kept from being shot by freezing time, then teleporting back to the past.

In other news, Nathan has found religion! And Linderman is alive - even though it's only as a figment of Nathan's imagination. Matt Parkman has been teleported by FP to Africa, where he wanders some savannah before being found by someone who probably has powers as well. Also, Niki Sanders is back! Or is it her? Either she has amnesia, or she's trying to hide her past. Assuming an alternate identity is nothing new to her, after all.

Then there's Dr. Suresh! He's injected himself with some sort of serum that gives him spiderlike powers! But it also seems to be turning him into a spider! Yikes! He's gonna be a bug! As for Maya, I'm kinda tired of her. Her power seems to be to infect others with some strange virus when she's angry or scared - which is a sucky power to have.

(End spoilers)

Well, I could go on, but I better stop here before another day goes by. I've pretty much covered the first episode anyway. I'll try to post commentary on the second episose later this week, but today new comics arrive, and I want to comment on those tomorrow!

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Freelancer said...

Good Evening Andromeda. Today I visited the Technology store at my college. I wanted to know the student pricing on Adobe graphics software. Expensive!!

Anyway, as I was browsing the aisles I spotted HEROES Season 1 in the DVD clearance section. The box set was $49.95. Nice! Probably won’t be there the next time I see it.

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