Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New feature for this year: FMFLLFs!

Last week, one of my commentators asked for my New Year's resolutions. I'm still working on those, but one is to help out my fact-loving liberal friends to see the errors of their ways by way of my blog and Facebook. But first, do understand a few things:

One, I have liberal friends. I really do! Some of them have been my GFs for years. They are my friends even though they know I am a right-wing conservative nut-job who loves Sarah Palin. Why are they my friends? It's not like I'm trying to keep them - they just hang around me even when I state views that they are against. But hell, I stick with them too, even if they mouth liberal statements that I disagree with. I guess you might say that my relationship with them is... complicated. My guess, though, is that they must be attracted to the residual aura of my Marxist upbringing. I bet they wished their parents were as Marxist as mine.

And two: I love liberals. I really do! Why otherwise would I have them as friends? And why would I accept as "friends" those on Facebook whom I don't know but are obviously liberal? Anyway, I love liberals so much that I am going to give them something that they themselves love: Facts! I love them so much that I care what happens to them, and I care how they treat themselves. With that, I am going to give them what they love the most, so starting today and recurring on a semi-regular basis will be something that I'll call: For My Fact-Loving Liberal Friends, or FMFLLFs for short. Okay, let's get started! I'm so excited! Whoohoo!! Here you go, my fact-loving liberal friends!

HHS is paying Google with Taxpayer Money to Alter 'Obamacare' Search Results.

Holy Guacamole! Here we have a government department paying THE search engine of the Internet with OUR tax money to alter search results to pop up Obamacare for all kinds of searches related to Obamacare (well, except for searches related to 'Obamacare' and 'repeal'. There's no pleasing some people!). What do you make of this, my fact-loving liberal friends? Are you going to tolerate this obvious abuse of our hard-earned funds? Would you have tolerated the Bush administration using tax money to alter search results of "weapons of mass destruction" to pop up the Bush administration's official government line on the existence of WMDs?

I hope you are as outraged and offended as I am, my liberal friends, because I know you love facts. I knew you would be, because I care about you and I want to you be exposed to these kinds of facts that you won't get from your usual sources of such information. Didn't I tell you before to utilize a diversity of news sources to find those facts that you so love? And diversity is good! I know! My Marxist parents told me!

Anyway, now that I have told you this fact about your HHS department, I hope that you will utilize whatever forms of public expression that you use to get out this info so that we can all contact Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to stop using our tax money to shill for her boss!

Ahh, I feel good! Doing the right thing warms one's soul...

More to come, my liberal friends!

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theik2 said...

I'm sure your liberal friends will appreciate getting the facts from you.

Here is my attempt to help power Girl get the message out about her eyes.