Friday, April 5, 2013

Ketchup day! BSC patch notes and so forth

Today is Ketchup Day!  :-D

You know, where I ketch-up from having been gone for almost a month and a half?  Well, it was funny when I wrote it!

There are many things for me to cover, but I'll save those for next week, because I want to devote some time to discussing the various topics.  Today, however, I want to talk about the patch notes for my BSC patch 2.1.   Most of you who are my readers are also gamers and know what a patch is in the context that I'm using the term, but some of you might not be familiar with it.

So before I continue, I'm going to spend a couple of paragraphs to define what a patch is so that everyone is up to speed.  In this context, a "patch" is a gaming term.  It will be easier to explain by using the game, World of Warcraft.

There is World of Warcraft, the original game, sometimes referred to as the "original content".  A couple of years after WoW launched, an addition followed.  That addition is just that - additional content to the original game.  These additions are referred to as expansions, because they expand the field of play for WoW users.  WoW's first expansion is called The Burning CrusadeWoW has since had other expansions.  In order, they are Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and the current expansion, Mists of Pandaria.  

Each of these expansions came out roughly every two years after WoW came out in 2004. Within each expansion are minor additions to the game - not to the point of being an expansion themselves, but just enough to be a significant change from the expansion's launch date.  These additions to the expansions are called patches.  For example, Mists of Pandaria so far has had two patches, one called 5.1 Landfall, because the patch's content was about the two factions arriving on the new continent of Pandaria. The current patch is 5.2 The Thunder King, and there is a patch 5.3 and patch 5.4 in the works

So when I say "BSC 2.1", I am saying that this is my first "patch" since my first "expansion".  Last year, I had BSC 2.0, and this year is simply an addition to the addition - a patch.  So there ya go.  :-)

My very first patch is called: BSC patch 2.1: Rise of the Independents.  Another quick lesson:  When patches come out in WoW, there's always notes to them that explain what that patch contains.  The same is going to apply to me and my patch.  So without further ado, here are the patch notes for BSC patch 2.1: Rise of the Independents.


BSC 2.1 Patch notes:

“Rise of the Independents”

The War is over, but the battle rages on. 

The warchief, having succeeded in his goal of bringing together a disparate group of comic creators, has stepped aside, and the creators themselves must now make an important decision: How much do they want the warchief's dream of a united front?  How much do they want to stand under one banner; the banner of Creators United?

Follow this ragtag band of comic nerds from all corners of the world as their creations sort out their differences and work together to confront a dire threat that could potentially affect them all. 

*         In Andromeda’s universe, a superhuman that goes by the name of Freedom has the ability to create portals to other universes.  Ever since the battle on his world that resulted in the suppression and oppression of superhumans everywhere, Freedom has helped superhumans escape to other universes in the hope that they might live a life of freedom that they don’t enjoy in their own universe.  

*        His act of selflessness, however, comes at a price.  Creating a portal to other worlds takes a physical toll on Freedom’s body.  Each time Freedom creates another portal, his health declines a little more. 

*        More significant is the toll that is being taken on the time/space continuum itself.  Holes in time and space can’t occur without consequences emerging later on.  That time is now.

*        Random rips in time and space are now occurring throughout the comic universes, and characters from one world have suddenly found themselves appearing in strange new worlds.

Can the creations of these comic creators band together to find the cause of these disruptions to the time/space continuum – and more importantly, can they unite in time to save the multiverse from a cataclysmic end?


So that's what this patch is all about, my friendsI'm hoping that there be crossovers in the near future for us to all enjoy.  Will it happen?  Stay tuned, true believers!  I'll definitely keep you all updated!  

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