Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nerf guns "for girls" that really kick ass!

Earlier this week on FB, I lamented on the line of Nerf weapons "for girls" that Hasbro offers.  I mean, bleh.  So unthreatening and unintimidating!  Dammit, if they're going to make Nerf guns "for girls", then let's make some that will actually scare the crap out of the boys!  What the hell good will it do to make Nerf guns "for girls" if they're going to be these decorative and cutesy-poo but otherwise useless weapons of "war"? 

So with that, below are my suggestions for real Nerf guns "for girls" that will have the boys running from the yard!  They're Nerf guns "for boys", but repurposed with my suggestions for a name, and coloring suggestions to go with the name, and the likely response from the victims of being taken down by these much more serious "girl guns"! 

As you'll see by the name suggestions, they are meant not just to be physically intimidating, but also with a psychological element added in.  On top of that, the "girl guns" will fire darts and bombs with "Hello Kitty" faces on the tips to further add to the humiliation of having "gotten it" with a "girl gun".  Muahahahahahahahaha!  (Many thanks to FB friend Laura Diaz for the suggestion of the Hello Kitty darts).

If any of my FB friends who are artists want to make art of women weilding these weapons, then please have at it.  If I think of other "girl guns that kick ass", then I'll post those as well.  >:-)

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