Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Time once again for AFK for 40 Days

Yes, friends - the first post on my blog this year, and it's just to let you know that it's time for my annual AFK for 40 Days. :-P

I have not shown my poor blog much love since I've been on Facebook, but hey - at least you hear more from me there, right?  And it's not like I don't have anything to write about here; it's just not enough time!  SO much to do, so little time!  Ain't that how it always goes? 


If you're new to the world of The Mighty Andromeda, then welcome!  The Mighty One's very first comic is progressing nicely, and when I come back from my Lenten sabbatical, I should be much closer to a completed comic!  YEEEAAAAHH!!!

I know it's frustrating to not have the comic out yet, but these things take time, especially if the first one off the block is going to be amazing enough for you all to want the second one off the block.  And the third.  And the fifth.  And so on.  You get the idea - the first one needs to be as best as we can make it, because if you aren't impressed with the first book, then why should you buy the second book?  And truth be told, I think we made the first book even better because of this delay than had we rushed it to production just because we wanted to have the book out sooner rather than later. 

But yeah, like I'm sure it is with the rest of you, I'm ready for this book to come out!  :-D

Coming up soon will be the boss' "trial run" online fundraiser, which will occur while I'm away (if all goes according to plan, that is).  This test run is to help the boss to understand what is involved in putting out an online fundraiser, so that he has some experience in doing one before we put out the Kickstarter for the book.  Makes sense, yes?  Anyway, I've given him the okay to put the promotion for the test run fundraiser on my own FB wall rather than the TMA FB group, because my own wall gets more eyeballs than the FB group does - and if the fundraiser is going to work as planned, then it needs to be posted where most people will see it.  Marketing, people!

I have already given him the "blurb" to promote the test run fundraiser, so he'll have it when he's good to go on it.  So when it hits, help him out!  :-)

Okay, one last thing: Unlike in the past AFK for 40 Days, in which I was gone the whole time, this time around I will be checking my FB mail on Sundays, but ONLY VERY BRIEFLY.  With the coming of the comic being so close now, we thought that it would be best for me to check my mail at least once a week in case anything important related to the comic came up, and if it did, then I would forward it to him to handle.  So if you have anything to say to me while I'm away, go ahead and mail me there; just understand that it may be a week before I respond.  Again, the plan is to be on FB on Sundays very briefly - long enough to check my mail - and then log back off.  I won't engage in any chats or discussion threads or so forth, because I want to stay consistent with my sabbatical as much as possible, so please understand when I don't respond as usual. 

I think that's it, friends.  Please be excellent to one another while I'm away.  I hope to have happy news when I get back.  Bye, my little nerdlings!  :-)


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