Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The drunken elf

In a comment on another blog entry, Esbat says this about the drunken elf in my Christmas pic:

"I was wondering, seeing as how there is that picture of the drunken elf... do you have your own "Bat-Mite"/"Mr. Myxtlpk"?"

Hmm. No, that wasn't the intent, buuuut.... IS kinda funny to visualize being antagonized by my very own sprite or elf! If he hangs out in my bra, then I know how I can get back at him should he annoy me too much: Slam my boobs together and flatten the little dude! But what a way to go! LOL

Tell ya what: Me and the writer will discuss this and see if we want to do that. I'll keep you posted.


Freelancer said...

That would be pretty cool. I remember Superman's annoying sprite from another dimension.

Once you get the details sorted out from your writer, maybe you could post a description on how your sprite should be drawn. I'd love to draw him.

Esbat said...

I am a fount of useless ideas! WOO!

Freelancer said...

Good job Esbat. Here's a Mxyzptlk