Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Q & A: Do you help the cause of womanhood dressing the way you do?

Q&A time, folks - and I'm going to answer a question that has been asked more than once: Do I help the cause of womanhood dressing the way I do?

Look, I admit that what I wear is revealing, but it's no more revealing than what your average cheerleader wears. Granted, most cheerleaders don't sport a pair of DD's like I do, but still, there is a functional purpose to my attire than just showing off my bod. The main purpose of my costume is for distraction; that is, distraction of the men that I usually fight. Most times I am at a disadvantage with the men I fight, as the average superstrength man is stronger than the average superstrength woman, so I need to utilize whatever I can to distract them off of their own plan of stopping me from stopping them. And for the most part, I do stop them.

I would say that yeah, I do help the cause of womanhood, because it is a woman who is making these strategies of how to defeat opponents that are much stronger than her (and one of those strategies is the costume I wear), and it is a woman who for the greater part of the time is able to carry out these strategies. This demonstrates a thinking woman who is utilizing what's at hand to accomplish a certain goal; namely, I'm taking advantage of the fact that men will be men around a busty woman wearing a revealing costume. And my friends, it works nearly all the time. So rather than criticizing my attire, perhaps it would be better to see things the way I do. What I do works - the results can't be argued with. And such results, I think, shows a woman in a good light. Feel free, of course, to disagree, but at least I had my say.

(Note: I had actually completed this Wednesday and thought that I had posted it, but saw only today (Friday) that I had not, and I apologize. I'm still working on Friday's post, and should post it real soon.)


Freelancer said...

I guess women have to do what is necessary to outwit men in a male centric society. The only disadvantage of your costume I can think of is in cold climates. I am assuming that your adventures will take place in your home town of Fort Worth, Texas. Currently the temperatures for you are very nippy (cool). I recently looked at your weather forecast and in comparison to my city, the temperatures you guys are having is literally Fall temperatures for us.

All I'm saying is that if you decide to travel north, New York, NY for example, you soon notice the climate change. You will need a costume to adapt to those conditions.

A perfect example of this would be a customized version of Padmé Amidala's Snow Bunny suit.

Although it may not be a distraction to men, at least it would keep you warm.

Speaking of Star Wars, I watched a recent episode of "The Clone Wars" animated series. Padmé Amidala made a statement, I believe has truth to it and will also apply to your superhero universe:

Sometimes our most important allies are the ones that aren't the most powerful.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Freelancer said...

Last comment before I go do some studying. Are you going to treat your readers to another sneak peek to your Super Hero universe?

Freelancer said...

Another advantage that you hold is that you are intelligent. This has nothing to do with the fact that you hold a Masters degree.

You can hold any academic degree, but not having street smarts and most importantly - common sense will not do you any good in the real world.

In comparison to other enhanced, super, or mutant beings that are stronger than you, this will be a disadvantage, but with intelligence you will have the upper hand. That is a great for tactual situations.