Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Upcoming animated Wonder Woman movie!

I'm so reviewing this movie once it comes out!

(uh, after I've given my review of The Dark Knight, that is... Still coming, folks.)

By the way, congrats to Heath Ledger on the Oscar win for playing the Joker! I wish he had lived to receive the statue himself.... (:-(


Busty Superhero Chick said...

Testing... testing... I'm seeing if I can post a comment on this blog entry, because one of my readers said that he couldn't. Feel free to test this as well.

Witty Indie said...

That's weird! When I'm on the main page of the blog, the pointer icon doesn't turn into a finger. It stays as the "I" pointer. And this only happens for this particular post.

I had to click on the title hyperlink "Upcoming animated Wonder Woman movie!" and then from there click on the "Post a Comment" hyperlink to get here.

Maybe my IE7 glitched out on me. I don't know. Its just weird.

Thanks for testing Andromeda.

Witty Indie said...

This animated film was talked on a Canadian entertainment show called The Circuit.

I was reading the Arts section in my local newspaper and came across this article about the Wonder Woman film. It's basically an interview with Keri Russell - the voice of Wonder Woman.



One of Keri Russell's most vivid childhood memories is folding laundry while watching Lynda Carter twirl as Wonder Woman on television. And then there was her star-spangled Halloween costume when she was four, a homemade outfit that let her run through the night as an Amazon princess.

"So you can imagine, the idea of playing Wonder Woman now, well, that's pretty special," said Russell, who gives the voice to the most famous female superhero of them all in Wonder Woman, a PG-13 animated movie that hits stores Tuesday as a straight-to-video release on DVD and Blu-ray.

For Russell, there is "a certain feeling of responsibility" in playing a character that has been literally wrapped in the flag since her first appearance on newsstands in December 1941, the same month Pearl Harbor was bombed.

"She was the strong female among all these male heroes, and for little girls she was an important symbol, so I do take it seriously," said Russell, who won a Golden Globe for the TV series Felicity and has appeared in the films Mission: Impossible III and The Upside of Anger.

Still, Russell chuckled when asked about the physics of Wonder Woman's outfit ("It's a bikini, and she's jumping around and fighting? I'm glad it was a cartoon") and the startling experience of trending into comic book lore. ("The fans are very, very passionate and obsessed in a way, and it's, um, interesting. I'm a tourist.")

Wonder Woman has been portrayed in many ways. There were times when she was a super powered Barbie look-alike, but in the late 1960s she was also a staunch champion of woman's liberation.

This time around, the 75-minute film is steeped in Hellenic legend and presents a noble princess from an ancient tribe who is repulsed by what she sees in callow America.

The movie isn't for kids -- at one point, it flirted with an R rating. Even after the trims, there are saucy scenes, including one in which the heroine puts her truth-demanding lasso around Steve Trevor (Nathan Fillion, who worked with Russell in Waitress) and he is compelled to comment crudely on her breasts. Late, Wonder Woman beheads a foe in battle. Clearly, this is not The Super Friends.

The movie is part of a surge in direct-to-video animated movies featuring DC, Marvel and Dark Horse heroes.

Sales have been steady -- not spectacular -- but the limited costs and momentum of superhero films in Hollywood help producers to be patient.

Also, the quick voice work is appealing to plenty of stars. For instance, Wonder Woman and its dark tale (much of it pulled from the comics by George Perez) features Rosario Dawson, Virginia Madsen, Oliver Platt and Alfred Molina.

"It was two days' work," Russell said. "You get to be a superhero, and what's better than that?"


Please comment. I enjoyed Justice League Unlimited a few years ago, so I know that this film is going to be excellent.

Witty Indie said...

Wouldn't you know it. I stopped over at Blockbuster Video this evening and all the copies of "Wonder Woman" were checked out!

Oh well, I did the next best thing - rented "Avatar: The Last Airbender Volume 4 (Book 3 - Chapters 16-21)". The series ended July 2008, but I never got around to seeing those episodes.

The episodes are available online, but they are distorted and I get pissed off having to wait for the video to run completely.

Anonymous said...

I've figured now you've already watched the film and have a review in the works.

By the way how is your reading of "Watchmen"?

Busty Superhero Chick said...

I have watched the new WW movie, and the review will be coming soon. As for reading the Watchmen - er...I haven't read it yet...! Oops.

I'll get to it as soon as I can!