Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My blogging may be cut back for awhile

Hey guys, Sorry I haven't posted much lately, mainly because my real life has gotten that busy.

Trust me when I say that it's a "good" kind of busy, but it's also the kind of "busy" that's eating up a lot of my free time - including finishing up tons of drafts of my blog entries. Just so you know, I enjoy writing this blog. Very much, actually. But the demands on my personal time are getting to the point that I can't set aside the kind of time necessary to keep up the kind of pace that I want to be posting here, which is roughly 2-3 times a week.

So with that, I must consider the unfortunate possibility of curtailing my blogging drastically, because I don't want the quality of my posts to suffer by trying to write in a hurry. And in case you're wondering, there is a very slight possibility that I might have to stop blogging altogether.

Just so you know, I don't want that - I want to continue writing, so let me ask you all something about what I can do. Would you be willing to accept a very curtailed blog posting schedule? We are talking maybe 2-4 posts **a month**. There might be times in which I might be able to post more than that, but judging by what's ahead for me in my real life at least through the summer, I will be lucky to get out 2-4 posts a month.

Maybe - MAYBE - in the fall, things might slow down for me where I can return to my regular 2-3 posts a week, but that's too far ahead for me to predict right now. I can offer this in exchange: Since posting to Facebook doesn't eat up as much of my time, I can try to increase my FB presence there.

I do enjoy the commenting on news stories and the like on there. Will this work for you all? If you haven't already friended me there, then look me up as "Andromeda Perseus" and drop me a friend request.

I do thank you all for reading my blog. Again, I do not plan to stop blogging, but I will have to curtail how much I post here. Hopefully an increased presence on FB will make up for what I cut back on posting here on my blog.

Anyway, do let me know your thoughts on this, either here as a comment or on FB. Thanks! You're the best! :-D

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