Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stupiddist prowtestilers evar!

Not only are the Wall Street Occupiers clueless, they're also stupid!

Werst portessturs evah!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing stupid in protesting about the TAXPAYER bailout of bankrupt financial institutions. Even you right-wingers should approve of that.

Vegan Bloke said...

Just to say that it was I, Vegan Bloke, who put the above comment. So what is the right-wing response?

Busty Superhero Chick said...

It's not the protestING that's stupid, it's the protestERS.

If you've read up enough on my blog, then you know that I have Marxist parents. In regards to the Occupy movement, they say this: "We are with Occupy in spirit, but the Occupiers are stupid idiots because they contradict themselves by 'damning the man' all while living high on 'the man's' spoils of capitalism."

As for the "right wing response" to taxpayer bailouts, I can't speak for all right wingers everywhere, I can only speak for myself, and this right wing nutjob says this: As a capitalist, I believe in the free market, which means that I believe that corporations should sink or swim on the basis of their own financial decisions.

In other words, I don't believe in "Too big to fail", because once corporations get in their head that their homeboys back in D.C. will have their financial backs, then they will take stupid financial risks that they otherwise wouldn't have taken. So what ends up happening is that the taxpayers gets hit twice: Once with the bailout itself, and a second time with the increased prices that always comes from the bailed-out corporations to further line their pockets.

My main beef with the Occupiers is that they blew a huge opportunity to spread their anti-corporation message in a way that would reach regular Americans by not being able to put away their little corporation-created tech toys, and thus they demonstrated to the whole world what a bunch of clueless contradictory idiots they are.

I may no longer hold the Marxist views of my parents, but damn, those people knew how to protest the right way! My parents would have ran circles around this coddled and overindulged bunch!