Friday, May 18, 2012

Super bras and bra ninjas!

At the Department of Superhuman Studies where I work, we have a clothing designer who also happens to be superhuman.  His code name is Alloy, and his power is the ability to combine materials that can't otherwise be combined and make an all new substance that has the property of both. For instance, he can combine cotton cloth with something like steel to make steel cloth, which has the softness of cotton but the sturdiness of steel.

He makes all the costumes of the superhumans who work for the DDS, including the virtually indestructible one that I wear.  Anyway, I am going to send the comic strip below to Alloy, so that he can make that bra for me!  LOL  (from the webcomic, Wapsi Square By the way, the ninja in the comic is a bra ninja! LOL)

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