Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New artwork by Rick Celis: Andromeda in the comic shop!

Today I present to you the latest artwork by Rick Celis! Now when it comes to shopping, there's nothing I like more than shopping for comics!

Well, actually I like shopping for clothes first, then shoes... but comics are a strong and close third!

 I know what some of my GFs are thinking, but I have to disagree. Shopping for accessories such as jewelry, purses, and the like are actually fourth on my list of favorite shopping activities. As for shopping for make-up and hygiene products (soap and shampoos, that is) and the like - heck I actually would prefer to do the laundry, because a lot of that crap's expensive! That's why I buy that stuff at Wal-Mart!  But I digress..........

Know what I like most about the artwork below?  It's all the covers of actual comics!  How many can you name?  This is what a comic shop looks like.  I love it!  You're probably wondering why the comic shop owner is glaring angrily at me.  Well - it's because I've pulled aside so many comics.  In his mind, he's thinking, "Is she gonna buy all that, or is that half an afternoon that I'm going to spend getting off of my ass and putting them all back?"  By the way, do all comic shop owners look like that?  It seems to be a commonality.  Maybe it's a job requirement or something.

Anyway, This is a great artwork demonstrating the love of comics that I've been saying that I have for all this time.  I especially love the fact that the artwork looks like it should be in a comic book!  Once in a while, I like to go to the section with the back issues of comics or graphic novels and flip through those to see if I find something that I missed before.  When I find a good one, it's like finding buried treasure!  If I really enjoy it, then I'll look for other back issues. 

Thanks so much Rick!  This is so nicely done, and the actual comic covers are a bonus!   Whoohoo!  I'm still working on figuring out all the comic covers.  Don't tell me - I want to find out myself!  This is like giving candy to a kid!  :-D

Oh, one last thing, everyone.  On the side of the comics shelving is Rick's own character, Hazelel, wearing Hulk gloves!  How cool is that?  LOL

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