Monday, June 4, 2012

Never forget: Tiananmen Square oppression of 1989

Many liberals think that the so-called "Occupy" movement began last year.  In truth, the "Occupy" concept began in 1989, in China in a place called Tiananmen Square.  23 years ago today, students chose to "Occupy" that square in protest of their country's harsh system of government.  That system of government was - and still is - Communism
Yes, the very same Communism that today's boneheaded Occupy leaders want to establish in this country. It boggles my mind that liberals claim to love freedom, and yet choose Communism as the system of government that they believe will get it done.  Communism as an idea, a concept, a philosophy, and as a way of life has been the grandest epic fail ever in human history.  It's never worked anywhere it's been tried. 

There is no freedom in a Communist country; all its citizens are de facto prisoners in a country that is run like a prison.  They're captive audiences that are made to listen to state propaganda day in and day out.  Does that sound like freedom to you? Name any Communist country that you can think of, and you will find many, many multitudes of stories of citizens trying to escape their home country.  It's only the occasional delusional ideologue that wants to move to a Communist country and expect their way of life to prosper

The Tiananmen story is an example of how Communist countries are failures in regards to the betterment of the lives of their citizens.  Students stood up to their government because they wanted a better way of life, and their government took them down.  Meanwhile, our liberal "betters" sat on their hands, because the very Communist system that they say will make things better for us all was clamping down in a very public way on the freedoms of its citizens - the very freedoms that they say they love.  It was one of the most pathetic failures of leftists to live up to the alleged ideals.

And now the Chinese government continues to try to erase the event from the country's public memory, and our liberal "betters" continue to sit on their hands, for basically the same reasons that they did back in 1989.  Here we have the examples set by the Occupy movements about peace and love and freedom, etc., and when the opportunity arises for them to put their money where their mouth is, they continue to fail by not saying anything. 

Fail, fail, fail.

Of course, I was very young with the Tiananmen massacre was going on, but I have read their stories and have read how the liberals in this country failed to stand up for freedom fighters.  The protesters even fashioned a statue similar to our own Statue of Liberty called the Goddess of Democracy

While our country and its leaders may fail to speak out enough against this tragedy, the rest of us should continue to honor the memory that the Chinese Communist government is trying so hard to erase.  Let's hope that one day, the iconic photograph below will come to represent all acts of resistence against tyrannical and oppresive forms of government.  One day, hopefully, that one brave student will become an international symbol for freedom fighters everywhere.  What a grand way for freedom to rise up against a government that tried so hard to suppress. 

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