Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Rick Celis artwork: Me at the movies!

Yes, my little nerdlings, I do indeed go to the movie theaters!  And they love it when I do!  Well, it's not because I frequent the theater that much - you all know of my continuing protest over the crap that Hollywood puts out nowadays, so none of my local theaters can depend on my trips there to put them into the black.

However, when I DO go, I tend to buy the largest size popcorn and drink, as shown in this latest artwork by Rick Celis.  I help clean out their soft drink fountains and popcorn bins!  Why do I get such large orders?  It's because of my superhuman metabolism.  My speed healing, flying abilities, and super strength take energy, more than your average human metabolism would take! 

I love how the popcorn and drink are each taking up a whole seat!  For you kids: Do not try this at home, or at the movie theater!  I have the metabolism for this, while you do not.  Eating and drinking this much would be very bad for your health.  You'd end up looking like this

Anyway, thanks Rick, for another excellent work.  These are so cool, and I love the expressions of the people behind me! 

I'll be using this artwork whenever I do movie reviews, so you'll be seeing more of this artwork soon.

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