Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Question that stumped The Mighty Andromeda!

You all know me and how I like to dig into researching to find out the answers to all kinds of questions.  I take pride in doing the digging into the books and cyberspace to find answers to the greatest questions of our age.

Now, however, I have come across a question that has me stumped in a way that I've never been stumped before.  And that question is:

Friends, I have no idea!  Theoretically, there wouldn't be a winner, because we all know that the Star Trek red shirts always die - but the Star Wars stormtroopers can't shoot worth shit!  They're shooting and shooting and shooting...

...and shooting,

...and shooting,

...and shooting,

...but miss nearly every damn time!

So what would happen?  You'd have a bunch of red shirts running around not getting hit!  My guess - and it's completely a guess - is that the red shirts will eventually take a laser blast to the head from a random ricochet; either from the stormtroopers' guns, or more fittingly, they'd take an accidental shot to the head from a random ricochet of their own phasers.  Either way would fit entirely within their tendency to die without compromising the stormtroopers' lack of ability to aim their guns.  Or the red shirts could die of exhaustion or starvation waiting to be shot by the stormtroopers!

But again, this is entirely guesswork.  This is a reverse of the classical irresistible force meeting the immovable object.  What we have here is a completely resistible force not at all meeting up with a very movable object.

I'm stumped, guys!    :-\

Help me figure this poser out! 

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richard towell said...

very good question....i think the storm troopers would win because even if they didnt shoot the red shirts...some rock would fall on the red shirts or a near by plug socket would explode. i'd like to think that the red shirts find out they all have nut allergies after eating the free in flight goodies and swell up thus making larger targets for the storm troopers..all in all it would be a blast to watch