Monday, January 7, 2013

Democrats' "diversity": It's a trap!

On my FB wall, I had brought up this thread from the Twitchy website.  Oh, if only my Democrat-supporting friends had only asked me - I would have told them that all the promises that were made by the Dems during the election would be paid by the rest of us; and not by those evil rich people!  Wait!  I did tell them!  Over and over!  But of course, they didn't listen! 

Well, it's time to bring it up again; even if it's to say "I told you so!"  :-)

There's two things that I'm going to bring up here, and that's the Democrats' usual lines about their being the party of "the little people", and their being the party of "diversity". 
For one, they call us - they call you - "little people".  How does that make you feel; that your party thinks of you as "little people"?  That means that they can do without you when they don't need your vote.  You're someone to walk over when they don't have to care about you, which is every other time that's not an election season.  Do you like your party taking such dismissive attitudes towards you?

And consider this: Why do they call you "little people", unless that means that they think of themselves as "above you"?  Or to put it another way,



"little people."

Your party thinks you're a bug.  No wait - bugs are actually cared about by the Democratic party - it's why the EPA is always out to stop various private sector ventures - to save some bug or owl or snail darter.  Oh, if only the Democratic Party cared as much about you as they do their little spotted owl or snail darter!

But no, you're less than a bug.  You're someone to use and abuse because they know that you feel that you have no choice.  You stick with the Dems because you think that the GOP is no alternative.  Do you like your party thinking of you that way - taking you for granted, and thinking that we should be grateful for whatever crumbs that they do throw our way? 

"No, wait!" you are probably thinking.  "That can't be right!  "They're the party of diversity!  They care about us because they serve our various interests!"  Let's break down the Democratic idea of "diversity".  Trust me, it ain't gonna be pretty.

The reason that the Democrats pull this "diversity" line at you is not to give a voice to a group that normally wouldn't be heard from.  Instead it's to divide you; it's to compartmentalize you into smaller and smaller groups.  Not only that, you're also being made to focus on your own little interests instead of looking at the big picture.  You walk willingly into their little schemes because of the trail of bread crumbs they lay down that leads you there.

For example, they can take the very large group of women and break them down to white women, Hispanic women, and so forth.  Then they're broken down further as straight Hispanic women and gay Hispanic women.  Then they're broken down even more to gay Hispanic women, bisexual Hispanic women, transgender Hispanic women, and so forth. Then they're broken down more to gay Hispanic women who were abused as children.  So you see, the groups get smaller and smaller and increasingly specialized.  Soon they get you down to tiny little groups so that you feel like you're special and that you are finally being heard from by party bigwigs.  Unfortunately, what's happening instead is that you're being herded and divided.  You're being made to live in tiny little groups, but you don't even see it.

The Dems want you to live in these tiny insular, compact, and compartmentalized little groups - or what they call "communities" to make it sound better - so that you will stay focused on the little picture.  Why?  So that you will be so busy fighting each other over your little interests that you won't see how they are using you for their own interests, and thus you won't stand united against them.  In other words, the Dems want a "Disunited States" so that you are easier to control. It's a tactic familiarly known as "Divide and Conquer".

If you all are united together, then you're harder to control.  But if you're caught up in your own little agendas and your own little causes, then they'll keep you entertained so that you think you're accomplishing something for your little causes, while you're actually serving their interests by not banding together to stand united against their manipulation.  

Can you see this now?  Can you see how the Dems sell you a faulty bill of goods by disguising it as being for your own good?  Can you see now the sales pitch that they've been giving you all this time so that you won't see what they're doing right in front of your eyes?  Can you see now that you're being played?  Maybe you need one more example. 

Consider how the Tea Party is treated verses the Occupy groups.  The Tea Party is considered the enemy by the Dems because they are an actual threat to the ways that the Dems have done things.  If the "little people" wake up to how they've been used all this time, then the Dems' de facto empire soon collapses much like the old Soviet Union did (and yes, I did make that comparison for a reason).  The Tea Party is a grassroots movement that, were the Dems true to their beliefs about being a "party of the little people" in the true sense of the phrase, then they'd welcome this uprising of the regular citizens.  Ignore the usual criticisms of members of the Tea Party being a bunch of moronic lowbrow inbreeders.  That's a desperate tactic to discredit a movement that has had legs for over two years now.  Do your own research and find out for yourself.

Contrast the Tea Party with the Occupy movement.  Occupiers are more the Dems' speed, because they are even more conditioned to follow the Democratic party line than your average American.  They are, in other words, a group of fanatical loyalists who buy the "divide and conquer" diversity strategy hook, line, and sinker.  Because of that, they'll never be a threat to the Dem power structure.  Occupy is a movement with no order, no direction, and most importantly, no moral code to guide it - in other words, a perfect organization for the Dems to manipulate to their own interests.

I've said many times that I'm the child of Marxists, so I know the Dems' plans close up, because I grew up with them.  I've also seen how those among the traditional constituency of the Democratic voting base are treated if they try to do things other than what the Dems have planned out for them.  There's no leniency, nor deviation from the way things are done.  You either accept it, or you will be demolished in a number of ways.  You don't have to be beaten or killed for your life to be ruined.  Think about that.

So you are not "empowered" by the Dems, you are their tool for their own agendas.  The sooner you open your eyes to that, the sooner you'll see why you all need to stand together.  Stop being a tool.  Stop being a fool.  Stand up, and stand united. If enough of us pull together, we can truly be a "United" States again.

Next time I'll bring up how the GOP manipulates its party base as well, and pretty much for the same reasons as the Democrats.  All the more reason that the rest of us need to remember what being an American really means.

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