Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Piranha Warcraft Achievements

Over the Christmas break, I was talking to friends about the legend that piranhas can eat up a whole cow in seconds.  I don't know how true it is, but it did make me wonder if the little piranhas ever had achievements like in World of Warcraft of how fast they eat up a cow?

I can see them pugging in the Piranha Trade Chat for - well, mouths - to gobble up a cow that is unfortunate enough to wander into one of their rivers.  I would also imagine that piranhas are all pretty much melee dps - no ranged dps, tanking or healing piranhas, in other words.  That alone, would save tons of time, because there would be no need for gear checks, because all they need is what they already have: a mouth filled with vicious teeth!

Well, I supposed they would need at least a mouth filled with vicious teeth, because a toothless piranha is pretty much useless to the group.  Can you see a cow being gummed to death?  Neither can I. 

Anyway, there would be only one achievement that I would think that would be worth anything for a raid group of piranhas:  The NomNomNominator.  In fact, I even created below the achievement that they would get:

Once they get the achievement, I would think that this would give that piranha raid group some pretty serious bragging rights among their peers.  See?  Even piranhas can be nerds!

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