Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet CU member, Kristen McGuire!

Today's review is actually going to be something slightly different.  Oh, there will be the review, but you're also going to meet the artist! To my knowledge, I've never had a review/meet the artist before! So here she is! Say hello!

Ain't she awesome?  Before I forget, here's her website

And now below, you see Kristen in action, teaching the next generation of manga and anime artists.  I just love, love, love this! And what an important role she serves, too!  We need artists now, but we also need them for the future. What I love about comics is its ability to create stories that reach, and teach, and entertain, but there needs to be those that lead the way.  Kristen has chosen that role, and we will all be blessed for it as a result.  Kristen, you are the bomb for doing this!

Today I will be reviewing A Day in the Life of a Cat Girl, which is a one-shot story, and Enchanted, in which new pages are still being added on Wednesdays.

But before I continue, time for the obligatory


If you haven't read Kristen McGuire's A Day in the Life of a Cat Girl or Enchanted and don't want what's in it spoiled for you, then STOP READING NOW!  You have been warned!

Sooo...  Have you ever wondered what life is like as a "cat girl"?  Now, I don't mean a human dressed up in a cat costume like DC Comics' Cat Woman, I mean a teenage girl who has some attributes of a cat!  You know, with cat ears, a cat tail, a fondness for milk and yarn, and a hatred of dogs.  Well, now you will understand with Kristen's little tail - er, tale - of Tabby the Cat Girl!  It's an adorable story of what poor little Tabby goes through trying to live as a cat girl in a human world!  But hey - there's also perks!  Cat dudes!  LOL 

And next there's Enchanted, the story of a teenage country girl named Brooke who's now in the big city.  Bad enough being directionally challenged in a big city, but to have a bunch of jerks to deal with?  No way!  Life is not at all sunshine and roses for the poor girl, but hey, she's a teenager - teenage angst drama comes with the territory!

Enchanted is currently ongoing, so the story hasn't ended yet.  But it has gotten to the point where Brooke has come across a real, freakin' unicorn in an allegedly haunted forest!  Wait, make that two unicorns!  So what's going on?  Apparently, Brooke has a role in helping to save the unicorns from dragons!  What the - ?  Dragons?!?  Yes friends, Enchanted has unicorns and dragons and haunted forests!  Oh, my!

Currently, the story has reached "the big reveal" in which the unicorns tell Brooke that she's needed to help restore their magic before they cease to exist. Which means that we have to wait to see what happens.  That leads me to my all-important question when it comes to my reviews of comics:  Do I want to see "what happens next"?  The answer is YES!

The dragons have only just made their appearance, after all!  What the heck is going to happen now? 
I wanna know!  So yes, Kristen, you have me wanting more!  :-D

By the way, the art is awesome and very appealing to the eye.  Kristen's facial expressions in both Tabby the Cat Girl and Brooke the unicorn savior are very well done; capturing their many moods with perfection.  Kristen has also very much mastered the art of Japanese style comic sequential art.  You wouldn't know that this was done by a born-and-raised American!

So check out the art of a master, and well as the art of one of the teachers of the next generation of manga and anime art.  I'm certain that you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks, Kristen!  And as a member of Creators United, you're now added to my CU sidebar right over there.  ---------------->

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