Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Miley Cyrus: I can't take it anymore!

I have avoided talking about Miley Cyrus on my blog, and I've been especially diligent about not discussing her recent antics on VMA.  However, when she finally spoke out about it, I just couldn't take it anymore!

And - AACCKK!!! - it was the ol' artsy fartsy "you just don't get it" and "you're overthinking it" defense!  Oh, so that's it, is it?  That's your defense?  It's pathetic! That defense is the weakest and lamest excuse ever when it comes artists and other performers who intentionally behave in a questionable and controversial fashion, and then try to explain away what they were thinking when they did them.

There's nothing to "overthink", Cupcake - we get where you're coming from.  Hell, you've been telling us for what? the past 3-4 years that you're not your typical former Disney princess who tries to live up to the stereotype of being cute and perky and pure as the driven snow. 

We get that you resented having the expectations of being oh-so-chaste thrust upon because of your early work resume and that you're the daughter of a country star known for his religious views.  We get that you take every opportunity you get to demonstrate that you can debase yourself publicly with the best - or rather, the worst - of them.

So there's nothing to misunderstand or overthink.  We get it.  You're also not the first artist to adopt such troubling attitudes about their art, and you certainly won't be the last.  Thing is, it's your choice to debase yourself publicly like that.  I wish you wouldn't feel like this is your only option to breaking away from your past, because you have the talent to be your own woman without these very public displays of wagging your tongue like a frog and gyrating your backside onto the front of the pants of a man who is married to someone else. 

There's ways to be open and bold and free and be your own woman besides this path that you have chosen.  I wish you would realize this.  Feminists didn't fight their battles against the sexist attitudes of their day only for someone to throw back all their progress in a way that demeans us all. 

Until you have the brutal honesty to admit to yourself as to why you really do these things, then you will be your own obstacle as to why you can't achieve true greatness that will be an inspiration to all.  But again, you're free to do these things - just spare us the pathetic excuses as to why you do them. 

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