Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The first annual Dress Like an Elf Day is Friday, December 20th!

Yeah, just like the title said, come Friday, December 20th, I encourage you all to Dress Like an Elf!

Why?  One is to test the power of the social media.  This is a totally made-up holiday, and I just want to see how far word-of-Facebook can carry out this idea.  I'll try this for the next couple of years to see if I can get it to become something of a "regular" holiday like "Talk Like a Pirate Day". 

But rather than celebrate DLAED on a specific date, I'm aiming to have it on the Friday preceding Christmas Day. The reason for this is because Fridays are usually "casual day" at most workplaces, so I thought that it would be a good time to do something like "dress like an elf" at your workplace.

Also, being the Friday before Christmas, most of you would already be in the holiday spirit by then.  But mostly, this should be fun to see family, friends, and co-workers dressed as elves!  :-D

For elf costumes or t-shirts, try Google.  I found a few with just a simple search. Here's one costume idea for the gents, and one for the ladies.
On Friday December 20th, I would like you all to post pics of yourselves in your elf t-shirts or costumes, because "pics, or it didn't happen!"  So let's all try to start a new wholly created holiday.  Years later, when DLAED catches on, you can say with all sincerity that you were there for the first one!  And you'll have the pics to prove it!  So let's all get elf-ed up and Dress Like An Elf!  :-D

To help spread the work about DLAED, here are a couple of graphics for you - one for your blog or Facebook banner, and the other for your profile pic.

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